Why should I apply to the Leadership Development Program (LDP)?

It is a simple answer. If you are looking for an easy work that is not challenging, then this is not the program for you. As an LDP associate, from day one you are given tremendous responsibility. However, with that, you are given in return business leaders who are dedicated to your success. You are given a program that provides you with training, resources and opportunities. To be successful in the program and in our overall culture, you will have to be willing to commit to the process, take initiative, and seize every opportunity as a learning experience.

What are the program’s objectives?

Our primary objective as a Leadership Development Program to create a talent pipeline of future leaders within our organization. We are committed finding the best talent who can share fresh and innovative perspective with our organization.

The LDP is a 30-month rotational process. Will I have a set rotational schedule?

On day one of your 30-month program, you will not receive a set schedule explaining where exactly you will go. Depending on your LDP track, you can anticipate between two to four rotations within this 30-month program Rotations will be determined by a combination of where there are developmental opportunities and where you are needed in the business. While we plan our LDP rotations in advance, there have been occasions when immediate business needs have altered our rotations.

Will I be relocated?

Potentially. Our organization is located all across the United States. If an opportunity or business need would be beneficial for one of our LDP associates, we want to ensure that you are receiving the best opportunities for your development.

For our Operations, Supply Chain, and Technology tracks, you will have to be willing to relocate and you will have a high likelihood to be relocated. For our Sales and Finance, you must be open to relocation, and the likelihood of you relocating will depend on business needs. For our Marketing and Information Management, at this time, you will not be asked to relocate during your 30-month rotation.

What are the benefits to the program?

Our program offers a variety of benefits in addition to our company-wide benefits. These benefits include rotations that allow you to see different aspects of the business,a business mentor, networking opportunities, scheduled training every six months, additional training opportunities, and your peers in the LDP community. Through your rotations, you will be exposed to practically all areas of the business which most entry-level positions do not get exposure to. You will interact with and have access to all levels of the business including upper level management. Also, within the LDP there is a strong-knit community that helps you to expand and develop your network.

What are the training opportunities?

Our training follows the 70-20-10 model. For 70% of your training, it will be experiential meaning that it will be hands-on or on the job training. For 20% of your training, it will be through social learning such as through mentoring and feedback. For the remaining 10%, it will be through formal education. Every six months, all LDP associates meet for a dedicated training schedule. In addition, as an organization we value education and learning. We have our own Learning Center where you can take classes to improve in a variety of areas.

What happens after associates graduate from the program?

After the 30-month rotational program, associates are said to “graduate” from the program. Once you graduate from the program, there is not a guarantee for full-time employment. However, if you are an exemplary LDP associate and are willing to work with your mentor or supervisor to find a position within Avery Dennison, our business will be happy to support you in your search.

Internship FAQ's

Are internships offered year round?

Our main internship program is offered in the summer. While we may have internships throughout the course of a year, they are not guaranteed and are based on business needs.

Will I be relocated?

If you are an Operations, Supply Chain, or Technology intern, you may be potentially relocated to one of our plant locations for the duration of your summer internship. For the remaining interns, you will be located at our headquarters in Mentor, Ohio.

How similar are the Internship program and the LDP?

While there are some similarities to the two programs, our Internship Program is largely project based. You will be expected to complete a number of projects during your internship. In addition, our interns do not go through the rotational process like our LDP associates.

What are the benefits to being an Avery Dennison intern?

As an Avery Dennison intern, you will have access to all levels of management and exposure to key business leaders. As a part of your last week, you actually report out to our business leaders to explain how your project(s) influences our business. In addition, you attend the same training week that our newest LDP associates attend. Also, you build a strong community and network within your intern class.

If I am an Avery Dennison intern, what is the likelihood that I’ll be hired as an LDP associate?

While there is no guarantee that as an intern you will be extended an offer for an LDP position, we consider our Internship Program as a talent pipeline for our LDP, and we find that our highest LDP retention comes from our Avery Dennison interns.