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Global PR and Media Phone Number Contacts

Rob Six
P: +1.626.304.2361
Glendale, CA


Label and Graphic Materials
Amy White
  Label and Graphic Materials -
Scott N. Chapman
P: +1.561.508.2707   M: +1.740.649.2006

Reflective Solutions -
Carolyn Polanski
P: +1.440.534.4851   M: +1.440.463.7673
Label and Graphic Materials -
North America
Fernanda Castro
P: +55.19.3876.7658 M: +55.19.9102.0175
Label and Graphic Materials -
Latin America
Rob Verbruggen
P: +31.71.579.4232   M: +31.650.831.340
Label and Graphic Materials -
Suiching Low
P: +65.6349.0360      M: +65.9731.3754
Label and Graphic Materials -
South Asia Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa
Alisa Feingold
P: +1.440.534.4854   M: +1.440.725.2186
Employee Communications
Retail Branding and Information Solutions
Alicia Hart M: +1.646.877.3625
    Global Interface Apparel
Maria-Teresa Ortiz               
P: +1.213.379.3013
    Global Interface RFID


Industrial and Healthcare Materials
Andrew Deckert
P: +1.224.374.2109
Vancive Medical Technologies -
Holly Billik P: +1.440.358.3341
M: +1.440.463.7292
Industrial and Healthcare Materials - Worldwide