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An Energetic Marketplace Powers
Durable Innovation

Avery Dennison Durables Center of Excellence

The durables segment is a fast-paced, energetic marketplace with global reach and impact. Funny that we use “energetic” to describe this segment, as many durable goods require some form of power or energy to operate. Electronic manufacturers and their durable label converters place a great deal of their own energy and resources into product development and design, in order to keep pace with the continual shift in technology and consumer demand. This is where Avery Dennison offers durable brand owners and converters a unique opportunity: The Avery Dennison Durables Center of Excellence, located in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China.

The Durables Center of Excellence was founded because we recognized the need for a R&D and product development center, specifically at a location where global manufacturing takes precedence...China.

One might wonder what makes the Durables Center of Excellence so relevant. It’s about being a total solution for prototyping and go-to-market strategies, starting with a Pilot Center and Converting College, which provides our customers with professional training and access to technical support on the latest converting technology, from our dedicated Durables ADvantage team. We also have a full pilot line, which enables us to offer quick solutions and full prototyping within 24-hours.

When our customers are looking for a customized solution, or seeking to test an idea, our Durables Center of Excellence is the ideal destination for discovery and engineering design. We work together as a cross-functional team to provide innovative solutions, especially when the application of new materials, like graphite thermal conductive pressure-sensitive materials, or smart label tracking with RFID, are required.

We have been members of the Durables Center of Excellence ADvantage team for a combination of seven-years. The Durables Center of Excellence enables us to offer timely support and breakthrough solutions in label design, prototyping and training. Our goal is to give customers everything they need to innovate and succeed in a fast-moving durables segment. By building a predictive database and using scientific tools, we can provide quick support and robust products to our customers from all corners of the globe. 

If you have a question or wish to visit The Durables Center of Excellence in Kunshan, China, ask us! Our Durables ADvantage team is here to help you design, prototype and test a solution that can grow your business.

Get to know our global Advantage teams and the innovations that can drive opportunities for your business. If you need help at anytime, please connect with us:

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