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Solving for the Wine Label Big Chill

Wine & Spirits Expert Team

It’s a frantic retail world out there, surrounded by so many messages, colors, and new players crowding the shelf. It’s okay…time to chill and get noticed for being cool. Of course, you are already cool and so are today’s wine and spirits brands.

When we select a wine to enjoy, as a celebration in a restaurant or with friends in the backyard, these brands have to be at their best during all touchpoints of the consuming experience. Especially wines served chilled, on ice or purchased direct from refrigeration. To ensure these brands maintain all aspects of their image on the label—the design, the color, the printing technique—Avery Dennison Aqua Opaque™ Technology delivers the solution to retain a premium presence for labels destined for a big chill.

As a member of the Wine and Spirits team, the development of Aqua Opaque was a great moment to solve a problem in an affordable way for almost all wines. Paper facestocks, especially uncoated paper, have a tendency to lose their color, begin to gray and suddenly become unattractive when immersed in ice. You could say we met the “ice bucket challenge” head on, and gave converters and wineries a simple, dependable technology—one that keeps uncoated papers white when exposed to moist conditions.

Aqua Opaque is a technology that can be applied to any paper you want, maintaining the premium image of the label and brand, especially for use on wine bottles often served in restaurants, bars and even at home. Aqua Opaque means it’s okay for paper labels to chill, get wet and stay white for a maximum amount of time on ice and in water.

I’ve been with Avery Dennison for 17-years and love to demonstrate our solutions to customers, as we help them discover new possibilities for brand owners. We listen and try to find the right solution, from all different angles. There are many possibilities to help improve label performance and constructions for brand owners and converters. 

If you have a question, ask us! Our Wine and Spirits team is here to help you develop a solution that can grow your business. 

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