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Under Pressure to Stick

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Select Solutions™ Lubricants and Oil Can Portfolio

Oil cans have traditionally been a challenge, from which to apply labels, and give them the high shelf appeal they deserve and brand owners demand. Labels can easily detach, pleat or bubble. And, the main reason for this? The oil cans are typically textured, HDPE containers and are often filled with warm oils and lubricants, when labeled. The heat softens the containers and changes their dimensions. They expand and contract and have a low-surface energy, which makes it a difficult substrate for labels to stick. If that wasn’t enough of a problem, there may be spillage on the production line and oils also make label adhesion difficult.

Hot-filling containers, as part of the in-line labeling process, is a growing production trend by lubricant producers. It allows brand owners the ability to label their oil cans, in a late stage, on the production line. Avery Dennison developed the S477 adhesive, as an addition to the S277 adhesive, and as part of the Select Solutions Lubricants and Oil Can Portfolio, to deliver an innovative solution to the challenges of a hot-fill assembly. The S477 adhesive was developed for brands that want their cans and containers to appear as of high a quality as the oil or lubricant inside. The S477 adhesive was developed for brands that want to increase the efficiency of the filling and packaging process, without compromising lasting shelf appeal. 

As a member of the Avery Dennison ADvantage S477 development team, we discovered that the S477 adhesive, as part of engineered label constructions, would meet high-performance label requirements. As part of the Select Solutions Portfolio, we expanded our range with various facestocks and included polyester release liners for an even more robust dispensing process. Also, thin facestocks for booklet labels have been developed. It’s great to be part of a team designing an oil-can labeling material for hot-filling processes that wouldn’t bleed, bubble or scuff and can be dispensed at high speeds. When you’re dealing with an application as challenging as oil and lubricant labeling, performance really counts and we’ve developed a solution with momentum and preference for label converters and global brands.

If you have a question on hot-fill applications and the correct adhesive, ask us! Our ADvantage team is here to help you identify a solution that can overcome production line challenges and grow your business.

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