Sustainable Momentum

Download: Avery Dennison 2014 Annual Report

Avery Dennison's 2014 annual report highlights another year of solid progress on our long-term financial targets. The report is titled “Sustainable Momentum” for two reasons, as explained by Avery Dennison CEO Dean Scarborough in his letter to shareholders.  

"I’m pleased to report on a year of substantial progress in building sustainable momentum. By this term, I mean both delivering solid long-term results for shareholders and fulfilling our commitment to a better world … for people and for the planet. We operate in an environment being made warmer by greenhouse gas emissions; in which raw materials are becoming scarcer and more expensive; and in which social media have increased expectations for incredible transparency and immediacy. As industry leaders, our two core businesses afford us a unique opportunity to drive the agenda for creating a more sustainable world for all stakeholders."

Our strategy is simple:

  • Grow through innovation and differentiated quality and service, and by investing in select high-potential market segments.
  • Expand margins by increasing productivity and accelerating growth in high-return market segments.
  • Use a disciplined approach to investing in our business and returning cash to shareholders.