Design, Research & Development Centers

At Avery Dennison, we continuously invest in scientific research, product development activities and innovative designs for branding that solve our global customers' diverse challenges.


Customer Design and Innovation Centers

Customer Design and Innovation Centers demonstrate how RBIS intelligent, creative and sustainable solutions truly elevate brands and accelerate performance - from insights and design, through manufacturing and distribution to retail store. Our aim is to share what we believe is coming to market one year in advance and use the centers as a think tank and collaborative meeting place to inspire, create and imagine the possibilities.

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Technical Centers of Excellence

The driving vision of our Technical Centers of Excellence is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our customers' products and processes by leveraging our materials science innovations and expertise to better commercialize relevant technologies. The specialists at our Centers of Excellence focus on specific areas to deliver targeted solutions that solve customers' distinct challenges.


Coating Center
Improvements made at our Coating Center allow us to develop new coating technologies and products of improved quality that fulfill needs in key industries, yet remain competitively priced. We engineer high-performance products by concentrating on material properties such as absorption or permeability, as well as the advanced functions of microreplicated products.

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Converting & Printing Center
Our Converting and Printing Center focuses considerable effort toward the design and engineering of next-generation roll-based processes for use in laser cutting and digital printing applications. Our expertise in these fields has helped us present rolls with shapes and features that are tailored to our customers' diverse and unique applications.

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Performance Adhesives Center
The Performance Adhesives Center develops adhesive platforms for the creation of new adhesive chemistries and products that offer enhanced functionality and sustainability to our global customers. We engineer differentiated polymer products with a focus on adhesives via collaboration with internal and external materials science experts.

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Electronic Materials Center
Our 15-year history working with electronic material technologies enables our Electronic Materials Center to create new materials and processes for printing and curing of conductive inks and epoxies in roll-to-roll operations such as PowerCheckTM and RFID. We also test photovoltaic panels and innovate high-yield flip-chip bonding and high-speed interposers attached to low-temperature substrates, as well as low-cost and high-speed conductive foil laser patterning.

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Advanced Film Center
The Advanced Film Center researches and develops the technologies that will be used with the next-generation film applications. The platforms we develop improve product performance by integrating both internal and external film innovations. These could result from a combination of surface treatments, multi-layer constructions, film polymeric materials, performance additives or other film manufacturing processes.

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Regional Customer Solution Centers

To better serve the needs of our global customers, we have placed Customer Solution Centers at strategic locations in order to rapidly respond to our customers. These Solutions Centers rapidly develop and deliver new prototypes, test new products and tailor new materials and processes to specific industries and markets around the world.


Philip M. Neal Solution Center
Named in honor of Avery Dennison’s fourth chief executive officer, Philip M. Neal. The Neal Solution Center is located in Kunshan, China. It primarily serves the Asia-Pacific and China markets.

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H. Russell Smith Solution Center
Named in honor of Avery Dennison’s second chief executive officer, H. Russell Smith. The Center located in Mentor, Ohio is focused on creating solutions for North and South America.

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Leiden Solution Center
The Center located in Leiden, The Netherlands focuses on research for unique laminate materials to create solutions for our labeling and packaging materials and graphic solutions customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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