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Avery Dennison at Greenk 2018

Intelligent labels and a “magic” shop window showcase the future of retail and the internet of things.

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avery dennison at greenk 2018

Photo credit: Mariana Pekin / GLab

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication), are two protagonists in the much talked about internet of things. What was once only a promise of technological revolution is now beginning to take shape and will drastically influence the way we interact with the real world, turning almost anything into a 'smart product' connected to computers and, of course, to the internet.

avery dennison at greenk 2018

Products tagged with NFC 
Photo credit: Mariana Pekin / GLab

In order to present how the technology works, we, at Avery Dennison Brazil, were present at the second edition of the Greenk Tech Show: a trade show dedicated to discussing sustainability and technology, which took in the end of May in São Paulo. Our continuous focus in innovation was showcased through an interactive booth with various activities for the public to have fun and learn.

Visitors were able to check how our intelligent labels solutions have the potential to evolve, for example, the retail industry. One of the interactions (pictured below) invited the visitor to get a closer look at RFID in inventory management: a “super calculator”, in seconds, identified hundreds of items without moving any of them from the shelves. Those who had the opportunity to test could compete with friends as many items as they could count on in less time.

avery dennison at greenk 2018

Photo credit: Mariana Pekin / GLab

The event’s wristbands had a NFC inlay, which allowed visitors to enter the event and also other interactions in some displays spread by Anhembi (SP) hall, where Greenk took place.

Another technological breakthrough that also shone in the eyes of those passing in front of our booth was "Vela," a special solution that is able to turn window panes, completely transparent, into dynamic projection screens. After our world premiere at Times Square in New York one week before, it was in first-hand presented to the Brazilian public at Greenk.

avery dennison at greenk 2018

Avery Dennison VELATM
Photo credit: Mariana Pekin / GLab

At the event, we also showed to the public, our ColorFlow series, which is part of the Supreme Wrapping Film portfolio. The solution turns any vehicle into a true work of art, which change color according to the light and the movement of the car. A ColorFlow wrapped car caught the attention of visitors, who could not believe the car was not painted.

In addition to the interactive booth, a speech about "Creating a frictionless consumer experience" was delivered by Fabiana Wu, our Business Development Manager for Latin America. In her speech, she presented a scenario of a very near future where, thanks to technologies such as RFID and NFC, the relationship between consumers and companies will change for the better: "With them, brands can connect with consumers in a personalized way and transparent".

One of the videos displayed during Fabiana’s speech can be watched here and shows the application of technologies in the day to day of a consumer. In the images we see how clothes, for example, can tell stories, display information, give access to exclusive content and be used in a connected way.

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