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"Avery Dennison Gives Us Super-Powers"

In September 2018 Rochambeau and Aaron Curry collaborated to create a unique participatory showcase at the New Museum in New York City. The event, powered by Avery Dennison, showcased how technology and design can transform experiences.

An Interview between Amy White, Vice President, Brand + Communications, Avery Dennison LGM
Laurence Chandler, Co-Founder of Rochambeau, the progressive menswear brand, made in New York

Amy: When did you and Aaron Curry first collaborate?

Laurence: I had the chance to meet Aaron Curry at his epic take over of Lincoln Center for his Melt to Earth show. We shared many similar points of inspiration, from skateboarding, punk, the cosmos, and beyond. It started a dialogue that would ultimately lead to a formal collaboration that debut for our Spring/Summer 2019.

Having been a long term fan of Aaron’s artwork it was an absolute dream come true. He spent weeks in New York City in our studio deconstructing works that lead to our most successful collection to date.

Amy: Setting the scene for our audience -  when did you first start to connect with Avery Dennison?

Laurence: Our conversation with Avery Dennison began over the creation of the Bright Bmbr. Often larger brands will reach out to us looking for concepts or ideas and it takes a while to come to fruition.  

With Avery Dennison it was different. At the first meeting we developed a strategy for the creation of a bomber jacket that would give you access to a major city, essentially curating an experience - seats at a coveted restaurant, access to a gallery, or even a nightclub.

To our amazement with in a matter of weeks Avery Dennison had completed development of our concept and the jacket became a real thing. The experience of working together was such a pleasure - collaborating to ensure that we achieved a balance between pushing creative boundaries for the Rochambeau brand and in representing and enabling the Avery Dennison vision felt perfect.

It then continued after we became the winners of the prestigious Woolmark Award. Avery Dennison partnered with us to develop custom branding, appliqués and hangtags that made our collection stand out in front of an international panel of some of the most regarded people in the fashion industry.  

And now connecting together at the New Museum with Avery Dennison’s Vela™ technology is another adventure again.

Amy: What was your vision behind the event at the New Museum?

Laurence: When the New Museum approached us to create a concept for a pop up shop for our Aaron Curry collaboration, it was the perfect opportunity to use a legendary cultural institution as a platform to highlight all of the most exciting elements that went into the collection.

In the development process for the collection we referenced specific works from Aaron Curry’s Two Sheets Thick Show, and worked with Aaron in the studio to cut up the collage elements to create the clothing, which was an incredible experience. We were able to bring his collage elements to life by translating them into appliqués/embellishments with Avery Dennison.

For the New Museum, the concept was to bring that experience to life. Our guests would be able to customize limited edition pieces that were created exclusively for the launch event, in the same way that we did in the studio for the creation of our collection.

The next goal was to transform the New Museum with a fully immersive visual experience- we turned to Avery Dennison to not only vinyl wrap the entire ground floor of the museum with hand drawn shapes from Aaron, but also to create a physical installation in the front window, incorporating Avery Dennison’s Vela™ technology.

This created a fully immersive experience, culminating with a performance by the band ARSUN- and made for a really incredible night.

Amy: Did you see any of the application of the vinyl graphics? If yes what was your impression of the application itself (or the applicators)?

Laurence: The experience of overtaking the New Museum with a entire vinyl wrap was incredible. At first when concepting at such a grand scale there was skepticism that it would be able to get it done.

We spent weeks developing the creative with Aaron and when it was time to hand it off Avery Dennison had 48 hours to print, produce, and install - the most tremendous undertaking. In fact the install itself was in 90 minutes!

People attended the event that had been at the museum earlier that day and their minds were blown!

It is a testament to thinking big and having the partners that can make it happen.

Amy: What was your impression of the final vinyl graphic installation?

Laurence: The final installation was truly inspiring because it started as such a cool concept and then because of Aaron’s schedule much of the creative had to happen with Aaron in LA and us in NYC. We were literally building visuals off of our iPhones and so to see it translate in such a monumentous scale was wild.

Amy: You first saw Vela™ Technology in New York in May. What do you see as the potential for the technology?

Laurence: From a brand perspective the potential of  Vela ™ technology is endless. When I first saw it being demonstrated I was blown away by its ability to operate transparently when needed, revealing whatever object or item was behind it, and then through just walking past or engaging it could become a fully immersive experience.

We are constantly developing content, with our shows, the back of house and creative process- one of the challenges can be finding vehicles to tell our brand story and highlight this content.

I was super excited by the potential for Vela™ technology to engage with potential consumers and passerbys and have them, even for a matter of minutes, enter our world.

In terms of retail it will truly be a game changer and it was incredibly exciting to be able to implement the technology at the New Museum at such an early stage. In terms of activating and engaging with a consumer at a potential 24/7 timeframe is really an innovation like nothing that currently exists.

Amy: How did your guests respond to the technology at the event?

Laurence: It was incredible to see the engagement with Vela™ technology during the event. Here was this massive event and installation within the New Museum and we had to push people to come inside and experience it as when they arrived the outward facing Vela™ technology on the window front was drawing all of the attention.

It was also very cool to see how people were able to so quickly adapt and engage with something that had not previously existed or they had not seen before. There was no need to have someone on site or explaining the technology - it was simple interaction with a complex technology leading to some really cool fun captures and engagement with the brand.

Amy: How can you see the technology evolving in the future?

Laurence: I can see it occurring very quickly. It really feels like one of those first out of the gate moments where the brands and retailers that are willing to innovate and implement the technology will reap the benefits of owning the space and the story behind the technology.

The ability for Vela™ technology to serve as a conduit to endless creative innovation and application development means there is no limitation on the ability to push the possibilities forward.

Amy: You have been using Avery Dennison embellishments for some time - what does it feel like to see people customizing their own Rochambeau garments?

Laurence: To give people the ability to create a custom Rochambeau garment - in a similar way to how we actually concept and build our collections is really exciting to witness.

It’s also very cool to see people create in a way outside of what our specific inspiration may have been- for example, if you are familiar with an artist like Aaron Curry’s work you will design something with reference to what you have seen and know, however when people are customizing without the context of his work, the ability to create something completely unique exists and often happens.

I love going back and showing Aaron some of the creations people have come up with!

Amy: How did your guests respond to the customization area?

Laurence: Customizing is always the biggest hit. It’s funny because it can start off a bit slow, and it takes a couple of people to engage with the process and suddenly there is a queue for everyone to develop their own product.

I love the idea of people leaving our events with something completely exclusive to that moment - something very personal to them.

Amy: What is your experience of working with the Avery Dennison team?  

Laurence: As a growing label having the ability to partner with a company like Avery Dennison gives us the ability to achieve our boldest creative concepts.

It’s like Avery Dennison gives us superpowers. While we face no limitations on innovating and concepting big ideas - without the proper partners they may not be able to come to fruition - it’s truly been one of the greatest experiences in building a fashion label to have the confidence to dream up new concepts and share them with a partner that is willing to believe in us and make them possible!

Amy: Are there common attributes of the team members that stand out to you?

Laurence: In getting to better understand the Avery Dennison team it’s really been refreshing to see how open and excited they are to engage with us on executing our concepts.

From senior level management empowering their teams to push the boundaries at the events, engaging with our consumers and making the experiences as cool as they are - it is very rare to find such a creative and inspired team focused on innovating and making quality product.

Amy: What does Powered by Avery Dennison mean to you?

Laurence: It means knowing that no matter how big or creative a concept is the Avery Dennison team has the expertise and focus to get it accomplished in a way that continues to push the boundaries.

Avery Dennison is building an extended ecosystem of partners to help expand the horizon of our solutions. As well as connecting with the future stars of technology and science this also includes working with emerging design talent.

It is with great pride when we announce our products and events are Powered by Avery Dennison.

Amy: When you were establishing Rochambeau how important were such partnerships for you?  

Laurence: Without these types of partnerships the label would not be where it is today. It takes companies like Avery Dennison’s willingness to take risks on a young label to find this perfect balance of trusting in our vision and utilizing their expertise.

It is truly a rare thing and I think speaks volumes to the culture within Avery Dennison.

Amy: Knowing Avery Dennison as you do if we could innovate anything together what would it be?

Laurence: I would love to continue to create immersive events on a global scale. Although the Rochambeau label is rooted in New York City, we work with some of the world’s most respected retailers. This gives a footprint across the globe.

It would be thrilling to engage with these global retailers in a more interconnected way. A launch event in New York occurring simultaneously in Tokyo and Los Angeles. Using Avery Dennison’s vast reach and experience to bring together supporters and followers of Rochambeau would be a dream come true!


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