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Next Generation Film for
the Wide World of Wide Format

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions MPI 1105

It’s a wide world out there for wide format digital printing, as the global growth in this category continues to drive opportunity and deliver colorful, larger-than-life graphics for a variety of applications.

The growth in wide format digital printing is largely due to the advancements in printer, ink, and media  technology, which has enabled cost effective short run graphic production suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. As digital platforms continue to evolve—and as ink technologies continue to improve—it’s important that graphic media evolves in parallel to maintain compatibility and  deliver the quality and performance expected by end users.

Acknowledging the importance of this growth sector for our customers, Avery Dennison made it a priority to develop a new premium digital media solution that provides consistent high quality output across the major print platforms of Latex, UV, eco-solvent and solvent. This next generation, film is our innovative digital Supercast film: MPI 1105. Print definition, color pop, durability, 3D performance...we know how many things contribute to a successful application and MPI 1105 is one of our most exciting new developments for the wide world of wide format printing.


MPI 1105 is a high-performing opaque print film with superior color pop, conformability and durability for vehicle, fleet and outdoor graphics projects. What makes MPI 1105 so special is the film’s ability to conform and adhere to complex surfaces and corrugations, for a paint-like finish over time. The addition of a DOL Z series overlaminate protects the ink, thereby improving the durability and weatherability of the film.

I’ve been with Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions for more than nine-years. Development of MPI 1105 was one of the most exciting opportunities to meet the global needs of our customers, across all regions and all climates, and we developed a next generation film specific for wide format digital printing. As a member of the Avery Dennison ADvantage Graphics Innovation Team, we worked as a cross-functional marketing, technical and operational team to engineer MPI 1105 to meet the needs of a broad technical spectrum to ensure the highest level of confidence in this product for our customers. In addition to MPI 1105 meeting the needs of a wide variety of digital print platforms, MPI 1105 is available with Easy Apply RS technology, providing repositionability and air egress features that enables ease of installation.

If you have a question on next generation, digital Supercast films, ask us! Our Graphics Innovation ADvantage team is here to help you identify a solution that can grow your business.

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