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What’s Hot?
A Look At Trends in Car Wrapping

Where the future of the market is headed

Many consumers are still unaware of car wrapping or believe it is exclusively for fleet advertising purposes - but, the times are changing. Car wrapping is growing in popularity for consumers in both personal and commercial markets. Today, the surge is appealing to a much larger audience, who in return are setting the trends in the industry. We surveyed wrap installer experts to gauge what they believe are the trending colors, patterns and finishes in wrapping vehicles and where the future of the market is headed.

Color Craze

“I’ve noticed that different textures and accenting colors are popular, while frozen and satin finishes are in high demand,” says Niel Scotto, NDVinyls. The Satin Nero color has been the crowd favorite recently, while heavy metallics, pearls, color shifts and chromes have been equally favored among consumers. According to Harumi Calabro, Wraps 56, consumers tend to move towards wrapping vehicles in colors and finishes that are customarily difficult to paint.

Long-established customers of the industry are expanding their creativity with their designs. “Customers want to push the full potential of a wrap in terms of graphic customization,” explains Calabro. They are requesting a mixture of films and combinations of high contrasting colors and shifts. These designs are strategically made to fit the body of the car, so all areas of the vehicle work together to create a uniquely curated piece.


Market Madness

Full color changes are currently the leading service that consumers seek from installers. “It’s becoming more acceptable to change the color of your car across a variety of markets and demographics,” says Chris Bull, Wrapabull. Individuals want to differentiate themselves by gussying up their personal cars with simple, yet noticeable transformations. These everyday consumers make up a large audience whose emergence into the market is fast-growing.

In response to the growing market, low-cost film manufacturers and new installers are beginning to take up the trade. Experienced installers urge these newcomers to take the time to master the art under experienced direction, as it takes practiced precision and skill to produce truly exceptional work. This is an opportunity for novice installers to work towards becoming experts in the industry through wrap training classes, which will only strengthen the market.

Where to next?

After speaking with a number of installers, they have suggestions for future wrap films. Most, if not all, appreciate how easy wrap films are to install, but would like to see advancements to make the process even easier. This includes introducing more stretchy films that don’t need heat and wrap films with lower initial tack. 

The market for car wraps is still growing rapidly, and installers must respond likewise. Many foresee consumers continuing to make unique combinations of printed films, colors and finishes for years to come. As Calabro says, “Today’s level of detail in both install and print is amazing. Installers and our shops take enormous pride in what we do and put forward very creative work.”


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