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OmniCube™ and TrafficJet™ Shine on Colombia’s New National Route Markers

Colombia’s Ministry of Transport is improving highway safety

Colombia’s Ministry of Transport is improving their reference signage on their national road network. For years the agency used a series of small wood and concrete markers offset from the roadway to provide motorists with location information. However, these markers have have proven difficult to maintain over the years. The old markers are set low to the ground and are not only difficult to read, but they are also a safety hazard to any vehicle that might strike them during a run off the road event. And since they are not reflective, motorist were unable to see or read them at night, hampering efforts to describe their location when breaking down on the side of the road.

The ministry resolved to employ today’s retroreflective technology to improve the delivery of information and improve motorist safety. The new highway marker design features reflective white letters set against a reflective green background. Each sign features reference points (PR in Spanish), designated by a vertical number shown in kilometers. The number at the bottom of the sign identifies the highway number. Although all signs along the same roadway share a common highway number, each is unique since the location is different.

Full-cube sheeting was chosen for the project to meet the high expectations for nighttime visibility and safety. Willinton Valderrama R., Avery Dennison’s local sales representative, recognized that the project was an excellent candidate for digital traffic sign printing. OmniCube™, which returns more than twice the amount of light to drivers than older generations of reflective sheeting, was the obvious choice of the sign converter. And since the TrafficJet™ Print System software could accommodate an automatic data upload of each of the unique reference points and highway numbers, it became the preferred method of sign printing. Working with Ferreria SAS, a local customer that recently purchased a new TrafficJet Print System, they capitalized on this new business opportunity and were awarded the contract.

The new signs met the agency’s expectations for high day and nighttime visibility, and compliance with Colombia law for new road safety policies. And importantly, modern digital traffic sign printing achieved contractor and concessionaire demands for roadway solutions that are cost-effectiveness, specification-compliant, and warranted for years to come.

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