Hard-to-remove product labels are ruining your shopping experience.

How many times have you bought something
and struggled to peel off the labels?

Like a
 DROPPED CALL, a 404 ERROR, or the CABLE GOING OUT RIGHT BEFORE A GAME-WINNING FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT, struggling with labels is one of those little “pain points.”

An Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials survey* found most shoppers regularly deal with Stubborn Stickers and it can ruin the first impression of a new purchase.

Stubborn Sticker Syndrome Survey Responses

Removing Labels

81% of consumers said they have had a hard time removing a label. 

Sticky Residue

53% of consumers said that “the label came off, but the sticky residue was still on the product.”

Fully Frustrated

45% of consumers said they feel annoyed or very frustrated when removing labels.

Most Popular Sources of Stubborn Sticker Syndrome

Respondents reported Stubborn Sticker Syndrome occurring the most with:

Stubborn Sticker Frustration

Hard-to-remove labels are frustrating and Avery Dennison offers solutions for your #StickySituation.

There is a cure! 

Fact is, easy-to-remove labels do exist. It’s up to brands to make sure they’re using those adhesives when they make the products you buy.

Avery Dennison is a leader in label and packaging technology. And, they’ve found the cure to Stubborn Sticker Syndrome. The company is helping brands around the world better understand the importance of proper adhesive selection.

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