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Label and Graphic Materials
Leadership Development Program

We’re inviting you to become a key player on the Label and Graphic Materials team through our Leadership Development Program, which includes a rotational program for new grads and Internship opportunities for current students. With access to leaders from all levels of the business, associates are able to network and develop a strong relationship with your mentor throughout the program. As an associate, you will also have the ability to craft your business and leadership expertise through our guided training initiatives. Our program is designed to produce future leaders in our organization through rotations set up to give you real world experience. Check out our videos to learn more information about both of our programs.


Want more information about each of our tracks and internship opportunities? Keep scrolling throughout this page to find out more. If you have any questions about our program, our application process, when we will be at your campus, check out our various guides below.

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Internship Program
Build a foundation for career success

Enjoy challenging projects while rotating through a variety of functions that provide you with a broad perspective of our business areas. Build skills in areas such as project management, business systems and cross-functional teamwork. Work on projects that are current business needs, with a high degree of responsibility. Here, you will find a collaborative culture where bold ideas turn into action as you help us create solutions for customers worldwide. Interns also have the potential to join our Leadership Development Program upon graduation.

My team gave me a project that had a tangible impact on the company. Avery Dennison invests in you, they trust you, and they believe in you. I am so happy I got a chance to work here. -- Brittany, Intern
LDP Finance

Build your credibility within all finance/accounting functions, as well as gain exposure to different fields and career progression options in our finance program. This track provides exposure to multiple functions and business units giving you optimal opportunity to discover your niche.

  • Build your skills in areas such as forecasting, cost accounting, business partnership, journal entries, closing processes, and budgeting Rotations may include financial planning and analysis, commercial finance, corporate accounting, operations finance, and procurement.
  • We are searching for individuals who are pursuing a degree in Accounting or Finance.
For Finance, nothing compares to hands-on learning, and getting a taste of each one while rotating goes a long way in helping you learn what you enjoy and where you can make the biggest difference. -- Anthony, Financial Analyst
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LDP Information Management

Bring your business acumen and we will help you develop the technical expertise to establish a successful career in information management. Through your training, you will help to improve business decisions based upon hard data. By working on our team, you will receive a comprehensive exposure to all areas of IM, and global exposure by working with business partners from all across the globe.

  • In this IM Program, you will be exposed to projects and roles that develop skills in business intelligence, data warehousing, advanced analytics, data quality/management and predictive modeling.

  • We are searching for people who aren’t afraid of technology, and who are agile problem solvers. These individuals may be pursuing degrees in Information Systems, Data Management, or Data Analytics.

The IM program provides constant opportunities for personal growth and development, supportive mentorship, and a close teamwork atmosphere. Within my first week I was working on projects that had a business-wide impact while learning new technologies and participating in global meetings. -- Ellen, LDP Associate
LDP Marketing

Enhance our product marketing strategy through project support and portfolio management activities, and also gain insights into market research. Build a strong balance of analytical skills by working on pricing and gathering market data, and soft skills through project management, influencing sales and customers and collaborating with multiple functions.

  • Build your skills in areas such as in pricing and pricing strategy, market research, supporting product launches, assist with product roadmapping, product forecasting, and rebate programs with the goal of you becoming a product manager.

  • We are searching for individuals who are pursuing either an MBA, Marketing or Business degree with an emphasis on marketing.

I have had the opportunity to work on a number of exciting projects, ranging from new product launches, marketing campaigns and pricing initiatives to developing a new role to fill an unmet need. This company is truly focused on promoting talent within the organization. -- Joshua, Product Manager
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LDP Operations

Embrace the opportunity and challenge to solve complex technical problems within manufacturing.  In this fast paced and dynamic environment, you will be exposed to a number of different teams and challenges, giving you the the platform to experience and complete your own strategic assignments. The challenges you’ll complete will help you to take on a leadership position upon graduation of the program.

  • Build your skills in areas such as process improvement, coating and finishing, quality, lean six sigma, troubleshooting, safety, supplier quality. Rotations may include Process and Quality Engineering, Enterprise Lean Sigma, Operations Team Leadership and Project Leadership.

  • We are looking for individuals with a strong technical background in either Mechanical, Chemical, Material Science, Plastic, or Polymer engineering.

In my role, I have the opportunity to interact with various functions, seeing the big picture and how decisions I make affect both the company’s operations and the customer. Avery Dennison is large enough to be a global, Fortune 500 company, but I am able to have regular face time with our leadership team. -- Alex, LDP Associate
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LDP Sales

Join a strong organization that can serve as your springboard to success and satisfying rewards. In our sales program, you will gain hands-on experience  with engaging customers, providing solutions and building relationships with customers. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute directly to the revenue of our business and, as you get into later rotations, increased opportunities to travel.

  • Build your skills in areas such as relationship management, sales excellence, territory planning,  negotiation, time management, and strategy building. Rotations may include Inside Sales, Application Consulting, Field Sales, or Sales Excellence.

  • We are looking for someone with a strong sales background as evidenced by participation in sales organizations, obtaining a sales certificate or degree, or other sales activities.

Not all companies allow new employees to get exposure to upper management. After two months of being in the program, I met with the VP of Sales, VP of Marketing, Director of Customer Engagement and the entire Sales Leadership Team, and I even have had lunch with the President. -- Colleen, Sales LDP Associate
LDP Supply Chain

Make a genuine impact on the supply chain operations of a global leader. Your role will involve a blend of manufacturing leadership, operations planning and logistics as you begin to solve complex supply and demand issues in operations.

  • Build your skills in areas such as buying/planning, production scheduling, materials ordering, demand planning and carrier management. Rotations may include Transportation, Procurement, Supply Chain Services and Supply Chain Operations.

  • We are looking for individuals with a strong technical background in either Supply Chain, Logistics, Industrial Engineering.

The most satisfying aspects of the LDP are the camaraderie among associates and the way in which you are able to make an impact in your role. I’ve had a lot of great opportunities at our manufacturing plants to collaborate with different functions and contractors in my field. -- Rachael, Raw Material Analyst
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LDP Technology

Gain a broad exposure into what it takes to be a member of a product development team at a Fortune 500 company. In addition, by the time you finish the program, you will become an expert in a specialized area of R&D which is catered to your strengths and interests.

  • Build your skills in areas such as concept assessment, product development, product testing while you assist us with long term future advancements, and short term product support and engineering.

  • We are searching for people who are technical experts, but are also collaborative team players that have a PhD or Masters Degrees in Chemistry or Chemical, Material Science, Polymer Science, Macromolecular, or Plastics Engineering.

It is great way to start your career to use your technical background and transfer to different business needs meanwhile collaborating extensively. I found the rotations very helpful to reach out to people in various functions and locations, and also understanding how each individual business unit is working within the company. -- Arzu, R&D Leader