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Band Yang, Plant Manager
Kunshan, China

There are many ways for employees to share ideas. We are encouraged to do our jobs with an innovative approach.
band yang

My name is Band and I am the plant manager for Avery Dennison’s Label and Packaging Materials (LPM) facility in Kunshan, China. I’ve been with Avery Dennison for almost 15 years, growing my career from quality engineer to plant manager. This is definitely a place where you can grow.

I originally joined the company because it’s a well-respected employer in Kunshan, and friends had told me that they enjoyed working here. After I joined, though, I really saw how Avery Dennison prioritizes employee growth and development.

Avery Dennison has many programs to develop people which means that if you show your passion, potential and capability, the opportunities are everywhere. After working in the quality area for seven years, I moved to a manager role, which expanded the scope and responsibility of my role to production. I was promoted to solvent plant manager, then LPM plant manager in 2014.

I find that Avery Dennison has an open, diverse and inclusive working environment, where we respect people’s different perspectives. There are many ways for employees to share ideas and opinions. We are encouraged to do our job with an innovative approach. For example, we’ve explored many automatic, intelligent and digital ideas that were added to our long term strategy. Innovation, exploration, and creation ...that is our culture.

To succeed at Avery Dennison, as a leader and as an employee, it’s important to do the right thing, embrace innovation (considering the fast changing world!), stretch your perspective, and expect excellence.

band yang
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