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Miriam Corro, HR Generalist
Escobedo, Mexico

Teamwork is important, and the culture here feels like family.

My name is Miriam and I’m an HR Generalist with Avery Dennison in Escobedo, Mexico. When people ask me what I love about Avery Dennison, I say everything! I started in a temporary position and was so excited when I was offered a full time role. And, in just three years, I was promoted from HR Analyst to HR Generalist. The development opportunities at the company are real. My manager and team are so supportive, and helped me quickly develop new skills that helped me advance.

Teamwork is important at Avery Dennison, and the culture here feels like family. You always know your team will support you. You trust your leaders, and you trust that you share the same values. There’s a sense that if you work hard, support your team, and bring your best to work every day, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish in your career.

It has been great to grow my career at a company that has such exciting innovation. Our Graphics and RFID technologies are awesome, and the team is always looking for ways to improve. We’re encouraged to think innovatively about everything we do, from the smallest task to the next groundbreaking product: What can we learn, what can we do differently, how can we be better? I also like that my manager regularly asks my team to propose new ideas. It’s easy to be creative and take risks.

Beyond the positive culture and bold innovation, what inspires me most is the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. In Escobedo, our local CSR program was not as fully developed as in other regions. I brought my ideas to leadership and now CSR is central to our work culture. For example, my team visited a home for girls with disabilities and spent the day painting and making improvements to the home. It felt rewarding to bring our Avery Dennison work ethic and team spirit into the community.

miriam corro

While we have a wide range of people at the company with different skills and backgrounds, I think everyone feels at home. I feel supported to achieve professional and personal goals, and I know I can rely on my managers to be there for me. Avery Dennison is a great place to be part of an innovative, diverse team, and face new and exciting challenges every day.

miriam corro
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