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Avery Dennison RBIS Greensboro Creates a New, Energy Efficient, Sustainable Office at Revolution Mill

The team reinvents their space at the National Historic Site in North Carolina, using sustainable and reclaimed materials.

Avery Dennison RBIS Greensboro’s office has found a new home. In June 2019, the team left their old commercial warehouse and moved into a new, nearly 12,000 square foot energy efficient space at Revolution Mill. A National Historic Site with a rich textile history, Revolution Mill houses more than 100 businesses, as well as multi-purpose meeting and conference facilities and 150 loft apartments. The bustling campus also offers outdoor performance spaces, public art galleries, restaurants and coffee shops, greenway trails and more. While the old office space lacked ample windows and natural lighting, the Greensboro team is now in a bright environment that encourages greater employee engagement and collaboration.

As one of the larger RBIS offices in the U.S., Greensboro, aka “Jeansboro” for its denim heritage, is home to over 90 Avery Dennison employees across the Sales, Automation, RFID, Human Resources, External Embellishment and Creative teams.  

When designing the new office space, the team kept sustainability at the forefront by reimagining the space using energy conscious elements. Upcycled wood beams from the original flooring of The Mill were used to create conference room tables, and refurbished metal fire doors.

As part of the overall efforts of our company, to serve as a force for good, our team also supported local community artisans to construct leather chairs for the office and custom metal racks and displays for the Denim Studio.

“Our team embodied our teamwork value in every sense of the word,” says Rod Smitherman, senior creative manager, RBIS. "Remodeling this office was a tremendous undertaking and I really appreciated how everyone, regardless of their role, pitched in to ensure the office was a true representation of our team spirit and honored our denim history."

The team worked overtime to get the space ready for their first big customer event, a Sustainable Denim presentation with Kontoor in August 2019. Rod continues, “It was truly all hands on deck during this entire process and the team should be extremely proud of all what was accomplished.”

The Greensboro office is one of the first spaces to incorporate Avery Dennison’s refreshed brand guidelines - showcasing vivid colorways, our new typography and expressive triangle graphics, along with a regional “Hey” welcome wall and inspirational quotes on the entryway ceilings. 

We look forward to transforming more of our offices into creative, sustainable and efficient work spaces.

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