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Building a Better World with Partnerships

"Being chosen by customers is not only a source of encouragement and recognition of our work but also the driving fuel to keep pushing ourselves in the right direction to go further."

Looking  at Avery Dennison’s journey over the years, I am conscious that it has never been a history of going solo. We have been greatly enriched by the vast number of meaningful collaborations along the way. This interconnectedness that fuels our society is a powerful tool for businesses to shape the industry. Avery Dennison has seen an acceleration in growth by actively engaging in creative collaborations with different stakeholders around the world.

Our successful partnerships have shared some of Avery Dennison’s core values such as:

  • Excellence – We expect the best from ourselves and each other.
  • Diversity – We gain strength from diverse ideas and teams.
  • Innovation – We use imagination and intellect to create new possibilities.

I always encourage my team of managers to remember that we are our customers’ preferred Partner of Choice. I challenge them to think about what we can offer so that customers continue to choose us and how we can constantly innovate to keep our partnership going.

It is an ongoing and conscious focus for my team and I to keep striving, to elevate these partnerships and create value that leverages our strength together.

Being chosen by customers is not only a source of encouragement and recognition of our work but also the driving fuel to keep pushing ourselves in the right direction to go further. As we place high expectations on our end, our customers and partners are also simultaneously driven to achieve more on their part. These symbiotic relationships are strongly underpinned by our shared values, goals and missions.

This has been our strength even from the time when our founder, Stan Avery, was at the helm, and this continuous drive to innovate and deliver the best products and services, keeping ourselves and our customers at the forefront of the industry.

I am proud of our team in the South Asia Pacific and Sub Saharan region and would like to take time to thank them for pushing the envelope, working with different stakeholders and transforming the local industries . Amongst these are:

  • Sustainable Innovation - Woolworths, our customer, Rotolabel, and Avery Dennison collaborating to provide responsibly-sourced label materials for a wide range of products for Woolworths in South Africa. This was a first in the region, and still is, a first in the local pressure sensitive industry when we announced it in 2017;

  • Creative Partnership - Denomination, a drinks specialist design company in Australia found inspiration in our products for their high-end luxury wine. Materials are very important for designers as they provide the texture on which their design can be highlighted. We provided the canvas on which designers can draw inspiration from and work on; and

  • Community Collaboration - A partnership in India between Avery Dennison and Label Manufacturers Association of India (LMAI) in which orphaned youths received skills training by our experts to enable them to work in the burgeoning pressure sensitive industry, bringing a positive impact to the communities around us; and

  • Sustainable Contribution - Later in April, our regional leadership team will join the Avery Dennison Foundation on a visit to Vietnam, where we will support a meaningful project that will have environmental and economic impact to the local communities as it advances biological diversity while providing income-growing opportunities to landowners.

As the customer’s or even the industry’s partner of choice, we are privileged with a set of responsibilities to lead and create new possibilities through learning and the pursuit of excellence. Together with our customers, we create win-win relationships for better business in the long run.


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