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Partnering to Reduce Plastic Waste

‘Going fishing’ in Amsterdam with Plastic Whale

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As in most major cities, plastic waste is a big problem in Amsterdam – especially in the canals -  and as a company committed to achieving our long term sustainability goals, as well as supporting the communities in which we operate, just over a week ago we were delighted to take to the waters, joined by 160 employees from our Oegstgeest team, in 20 boats, to recover as much plastic waste as we could.



Jeroen Diderich

The ‘plastic fishing’ event was organized in partnership with Plastic Whale – a social enterprise with a pioneering change mission: making cities’ waters plastic-free and creating value by building boats made of this plastic waste as well as high-end office furniture made entirely from Amsterdam canal plastic waste.

According to Plastic Whale, there are thousands upon thousands of destructive plastic bottles and other plastic waste in the Amsterdam canals. By working together to remove this waste, we can be a force for good, in keeping with our corporate pledge to drive sustainability in our company, our industry and our communities.

With our typical level of enthusiasm our team really got into the spirit of the ‘fishing for plastics’ day, with team captains encouraging their crews to collect the largest amount of waste, and with creative team names and dress codes. The results were outstanding: 500 PET bottles were taken out of the canals, along with 17 garbage bags full of other plastics and 20 bags of other trash.

All of the plastic collected on the day will now be recycled into raw material - to be used for a new meeting table and chairs at the Avery Dennison EU Headquarters, and for new plastic whale boats to be used by Plastic Whale.

Our sustainable solutions in our ClearIntent™ portfolio are already enabling our customers to reduce material use and enable recycling and by partnering with key players across the value chain our ability to create new solutions and even business models for sustainability is expanding. Therefore this ‘fishing for plastic’ team building event was something special. The big ‘catch’ of plastics is an illustration of how strong our commitment is to eliminating problematic single-use plastics, and how working together can drive sustainability progress in our company, our industry and our communities.

*View the original article on LinkedIn.

To learn more about our sustainability efforts, visit www.sustainability.averydennison.com.

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