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Behind the Scenes: The Creative Journey of Wine Label Design

Working with teams that innovate and create the future of label and packaging materials.

A great part of my job is to work directly with both our teams that innovate and create the future of materials, and the designers that take those materials, combine them with their vision and creativity, and design incredible labeling and packaging.

Last month I met with Jordan Jelev, from the Labelmaker - an award winning wine label designer, based in Varna, Bulgaria. We chatted about his overall creative style as well as his recent design for Wolfs Head Wines.

I loved seeing how the design was executed from his original concept through to the final label - and how the material added texture to the illustration - making the whole image look more organic.

Jordan’s passion and commitment to the process has created a stunning visual and stand out labeling for the wine collection.  Click here to read the interview and see why I love materials!


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