First TrafficJet™ Xpress printer installed at TrafficSupply

Linda Andersen Marketing Coordinator Reflective Solutions Europe, Middle East, Africa

May 6, 2024

TrafficSupply, based in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, is the largest online provider of traffic, text and information signage in the Benelux countries, including more than ten thousand other traffic-related products. They utilize several webshops for traffic, parking, safety and street furniture to support this region. 


They provide ready-to-use traffic materials such as traffic signs, including the associated brackets and traffic sign poles, everything needed for road markings for parking lots, and various safety products for industry and sustainable street furniture with unique designs. TrafficSupply produces sustainable traffic signs that meet the requirements and standards and add extra customizability.

When Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions developed a new printer platform, we sought an experienced traffic sign manufacturer who could be the first customer to run the TrafficJet Xpress printer in their operation.


"We were honored to be among the first to test the new TrafficJet Xpress printer," says Dominique Macours, General Manager at TrafficSupply Belgium. "We have been using TrafficJet Xpert since our startup, so we have extensive experience with the TrafficJet printing system. The integration of UV LED technology was a key reason for us to explore the potential impact this could have on our production."


The TrafficJet Xpress allows for easy transitions between jobs requiring different reflective materials because the printer does not need to warm up or cool down. This feature has greatly boosted their productivity. And because of the UV-LED technology, prints can be laminated immediately. For their sign shop setup, the size is also a benefit because it's not a bulky device.

"Our operators are always eager to explore all the technical features and details of a device to see if it can offer something extra, enabling us to provide our customers with better prints and shorter production times, so they were also happy to have a new challenge and being able to test the new printer," shares Dominique Macours.


Since adding the TrafficJet Xpress to their capabilities, they can guarantee a turnaround time of 1-2 business days. Their customers greatly appreciate this productivity advantage when purchasing from TrafficSupply.


The TrafficJet Xpress is easy to operate and has simple maintenance steps. "Maintaining the TrafficJet Xpress printer is straightforward, enhancing our user experience. This device is perfect for taking the first steps in the world of traffic signage or for elevating your production to a new level," says Dominique Macours. "The system is quite intuitive, allowing individuals with minimal technical knowledge to start using the device right away. Our operators already had considerable experience with the Trafficjet Xpert, so the process went very smoothly.”


TrafficSupply appreciated the opportunity to be the first to utilize the TrafficJet Xpress and provided feedback to the Avery Dennison technical team in the process. "We have always had an excellent collaboration with Avery Dennison. TrafficSupply is a company that upholds high standards and aims to elevate the medium of traffic and informational signage. Consequently, we sometimes expect and demand more from the materials and printers than a standard sign producer might, but Avery Dennison is always willing to examine these issues and work with us to find solutions," explains Dominique Macours.

The TrafficJet Xpress is the newest traffic printer available from Avery Dennison. Launched at Intertraffic Amsterdam, there has been buzz about how this printer will revolutionize traffic sign shops. "It was nice to meet everyone at Intertraffic in Amsterdam and see that everyone was excited about the TrafficJet Xpress. A clear sign that we made the right decision to test and experience the TrafficJet Xpress firsthand," continues Dominique Macours, General Manager of TrafficSupply Belgium. 

To hear more from Dominique Macours, check out their interview with us at Intertraffic. Visit to learn about the TrafficJet™ Print System and the experience of TrafficJet users around the world.

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