Supply Chain

Regardless of their industry or market, today's businesses face a constant challenge: efficiently managing inventory and logistics while minimizing associated costs. Considering the unprecedented pace of today's global markets, the need to protect brand integrity and guide goods through the global supply chain efficiently is more pressing than ever.


Avery Dennison delivers end-to-end track and trace capabilities that facilitate process improvements, control labor costs, reduce the threat of theft or counterfeiting and enable just-in-time inventory management.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Global Compliance

Our suite of web-based data management and integrated in-plant, distribution center and store-level global compliance solutions helps our customers provide consistent products and information that meet the most demanding global compliance requirements.


Integrated in-plant, DC and store-level solutions >

Inventory Accuracy & Visibility

Through RFID solutions, our inventory accuracy technologies provide the means to enhance our customers' inventory accuracy and visibility via a faster, smarter method to track item locations— keeping high-demand goods on hand and ultimately increasing margins.


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Packaging & Shipping

We engineer a range of adhesive packaging and shipping materials, from postal labels to highly damage-resistant international transit labels or labels with high quality images, with characteristics that can help to ensure the survival of crucial information through harsh conditions.


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Box closures, pressure-sensitive adhesives and tapes >


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Retail Point-of-Sale

We offer a wide range of retail point-of-sale merchandising solutions, from on-demand item and shelf price marking to integrated point-of-sale branding solutions. Our product portfolio includes sustainable packaging, graphic tags, labels and fasteners.


Pressure-sensitive adhesives and tapes >


In-store Fastening >

Brand Protection & Security

We have developed globally available brand protection and security solutions that help to reduce the risk of counterfeiting, diversion and other forms of intellectual property infringement by protecting the immediate and long-term value of our customers’ brands through physical property protection and data management.


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