Apparel Branding and Solutions

Apparel companies around the world face the ongoing challenge of distinguishing their brands and managing their inventories. Our solutions not only help leading apparel brands convey their brand’s image and value to consumers, they can also accelerate their global supply chain.


From graphic embellishments and labels to sustainable packaging and RFID, our products can enhance the appeal of apparel to consumers, improve inventory and stocking processes, provide product security and free-up retail staff to engage more with customers.  


We work with leading apparel designers, manufacturers and retailers to design and implement intelligent, creative and sustainable apparel branding and inventory management solutions.

Apparel Branding and Solutions

Creative Trends & Insights

Our worldwide creative trends and insight services can elevate a brand's appeal through creative graphics, tags, labels and embellishments that help bring that brand's story to life. Our researchers and creative consultants dive deep into specific market segments—such as denim, performance wear or fast fashion—then identify ways to make a product's presentation more captivating to consumers


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Brand Embellishments

Our graphic brand embellishments give designers the ability to use digital imaging to create high-definition, photorealistic effects to enhance the visual appeal of a garment. Our advanced apparel branding solutions can help to deliver faster, cleaner and more consistent results than traditional screen-printing techniques.


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Brand Protection & Security

We offer integrated RFID tags that enable advancements such as 24/7, web-based tracking, royalty valuation and item-level stock control. Our brand protection and security products help reduce the risk of counterfeiting, shipping diversion, retail theft and intellectual property infringement as our customers' products travel the global supply chain.


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Global Compliance

Our integrated, web-based global compliance tracking solutions can help accelerate performance in price management through integrated in-plant, distribution center and store-level solutions that can assist our customers in meeting compliance standards.


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In-Plant Printing and Factory Solutions

Our In-Plant Printing Solutions (IPPS) allow you to print your own care labels, price tickets and barcode stickers, regardless of whether or not they are RFID labels. This gives retail brands and factories full control, with no minimum order quantities and the ability to react to last minute changes and requests, while reducing waste and dead stock. Benefits that directly translate into cost reduction and help the environment.


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Inventory Accuracy & Visibility

We engineer cost-effective RFID inlays and technologies that increase our customers' inventory accuracy and visibility via a faster, smarter method of inventory management. Our end-to-end solutions can help improve margins by increasing inventory intelligence through every step of the apparel supply chain, from the factory to the sales floor.


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Price Management and Reticketing Solutions

Avery Dennison offers a selection of integrated price management and reticketing solutions designed to boost markdown productivity. Our mobile printers reduce the complexity and time spent on markdowns for greater efficiency and accuracy, while driving increased margins. They also enable omnichannel cross-selling activities and some connect seamlessly to in-house smart devices.


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Sustainable Packaging

Avery Dennison's product engineers continue to develop new types of sustainable packaging that complement and enhance the appeal of our customers' apparel and garment collections, while also helping in waste reduction and recycling objectives. By applying a life-cycle based approach and investing heavily in research and development, we have identified new opportunities to reduce waste and energy usage through smarter sourcing, production, delivery and recycling.


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Tickets, Tags & Labels

Our graphic tags, tickets and labels provide a multitude of branding and informational functions, offering a means for designers and apparel brand owners to attract, engage and compel consumers as they shop for their favorite fashions, colors and styles.


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