To remain competitive, today’s businesses and organizations must continuously improve their processes and become more efficient. Data collection and asset tracking controls are one key component of this effort and radio frequency identification (RFID) is an innovation that enhances both the speed and accuracy of these processes.


Avery Dennison delivers an array of field-proven RFID solutions that can work to reduce costs, gain efficiencies, enhance customer experience, authenticate asset pedigree and help increase sales and profitability.



We deliver integrated RFID solutions for multiple industries. Our RFID inlays and technology help to increase inventory speed, accuracy and visibility—as well as profit margins—for retail apparel brands.


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Asset Tracking

Our RFID asset tracking solutions include covert inlays and other RFID labels that make tracking and location of important documents and items much easier and more efficient than barcode technology, saving time and money by drastically reducing the time spent searching for lost items or misfiled documents.


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We provide a range of RFID inlay solutions for authentication that enable end-to-end visibility for improved supply chain efficiency and security across many industries. For supply chain operations, our RFID products provide significant time and cost-saving benefits over conventional systems.


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Near Field Communication

Our portfolio of near field communication (NFC) products provide intuitive, simple and secure communication of small amounts of data between a mobile device or card and an electronic reader. Avery Dennison NFC solutions can support and inter-operate with existing contactless card applications and infrastructures such as access control, payment, and transport.


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Item-Level Tracking

We deliver tailored RFID item-level tracking solutions that enable global logistics enterprises to integrate container tracking with existing GPS and satellite communications systems in order to support safe, efficient imports. Companies with high-volume global operations and complex supply chains leverage Avery Dennison's RFID solutions to improve their operational efficiency, reduce stock-outs and increase sales.


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Printers & Scanners

Our expertise with RFID and technological capabilities enable Avery Dennison to produce printer/encoders that are specially designed to write to RFID chips embedded in thermal direct or transfer labels and tags. Our products test the chip, write to the chip, verify that the information is correct and print human-readable data on the label.


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Inventory Accuracy

We engineer cost-effective RFID inlays and technologies that enhance our customers' inventory accuracy and visibility via a faster, smarter method to track item locations and keep high-demand items on hand. Our end-to-end inventory and item tracking solutions increase margins and accelerate supply-chain performance.


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Global Compliance

We offer a complete suite of web-based data management and integrated in-plant, distribution center and store-level solutions to help our customers deliver consistent products that help to meet the most demanding global compliance requirements.


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Brand Protection & Security

Our globally available security solutions reduce the risk of counterfeiting and diversion by protecting the immediate and long-term value of our customers' brands. Our brand protection and security solutions combine physical protection with data management.


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