Building and Construction

Architects and designers who adorn or restyle building interiors need materials that can enhance aesthetics and ambiance or add privacy to an office space, as well as temporary or permanent display mediums that can lead people to a destination or deliver a clear message.


Avery Dennison offers a complete range of high-quality, conformable architectural adhesive films that can safeguard surfaces and enhance the appearance and experience of any building.

Building and Construction


Our advanced architectural and pressure-sensitive adhesive films for retail applications can transform almost any wall, floor or temporary installation into a vivid canvas for branded messaging, visual embellishments, product information and more.


Paint replacement, brand identity and retail graphics >

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We produce printed or tinted adhesive films for commercial building applications that can make an office or workspace more private, without affecting light levels. They can also enhance interior ambiance by filtering the tone and intensity of natural or artificial light through glass, windows and other translucent materials.


Solar Control & Safety Architectural Window Films >

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Wall Graphics for Commercial & Outdoor >

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Mechanical insulation and HVAC tapes >

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We deliver specialized public display materials for a wide array of outdoor architectural applications. These durable, conformable films can enhance the visibility and durability of outdoor decorative elements and identity messaging.


Graphics protection, paint replacement, promotional messaging and decoration >

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We produce high-visibility location and wayfinding signage for use in public and private applications. Our signage materials help inform those moving through buildings, shopping centers and other public environments about their current location and orientation.


Wayfinding >

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Pressure-sensitive adhesives and tapes >


Permanent Traffic >


Our wide array of state-of-the-art building and construction tapes provide professional builders with high quality solutions to a variety of challenges. From HVAC and mechanical insulation tapes to high cohesion foam laminates, our tapes and adhesives are used for many diverse applications that provide longer lasting solutions.


Adhesives in building and construction >


Flooring >


Building envelope >


Mechanical insulation tapes >


Ceiling and walls >


Windows and doors >



Home Decoration

Home design aesthetics change as rapidly as fashion and are quickly communicated by the media. Our labels for home decoration offer a quick, cost-effective way for designers and homeowners to transform the appearance of any living or working space.


Wall, window and furnishings decoration >

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