Early Career Opportunities

Avery Dennison offers early career programs designed to transform new graduates into successful associates, providing valuable opportunities to enhance their skill sets, accelerate their career growth, get a global perspective and provide valuable hands-on experience. 


A combination of internships and full-time positions provides an immersive learning experience that equips participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in a variety of functions and tailored streams to cater to their career aspirations. Participants are empowered to take ownership of their career paths and are provided with the necessary resources and guidance to succeed. 

Join an early career program and become part of a dynamic, inclusive culture that values collaboration, innovation, and engagement.


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Or, explore our GOLD program, which has more emphasis in the fashion industry and smart label technology.



Working with the Product Management team gives me the opportunity to work with various business functions. I have learned how crucial these inter-functional collaborations are for ensuring that our business runs smoothly and efficiently. It also gave me the opportunity to meet many different people across the company and build my network. My colleagues and teammates have been very supportive since day one — no matter what their position in the company, everyone is willing to help and discuss new ideas you may bring in.


Zuzanna Kokot

ECP Associate Commercial

Exposure and flexibility are the two words I’d use to describe the program. Since day one, I have been involved in large projects and day-to-day tasks, which allow me to cooperate with all the departments of the company, giving me the chance to build a solid network and learn fast. Now, at the end of my first rotation, I can’t wait to start a new position in a different country, accept new challenges and enlarge my network even further. As a young graduate, this is one of the best chances to build a solid basement for your future career (and to learn a new language too, as I did with French!).


Fabrizio Marongiu

ECP Associate Operations

The Early Career Program is a fantastic opportunity to learn and discover different sides of the company. It is a chance to visualize what could be your career. Within the supply chain departments, I had the opportunity to experience the local and central businesses. As a young professional, in my opinion, the most satisfying thing about this program is the trust that the company gave me. It allowed me to take initiative, to fail and to succeed. I would like to add a particular point at the excellent atmosphere that you can find in this program and the great support from the hierarchy.


Quentin Polet

ECP Associate Supply Chain