Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Every voice. Every day.

Being open to every voice, every day, brings our value of diversity to life, and makes Avery Dennison a vibrant and engaging place to be. We’ve experienced how diversity helps our businesses thrive and drives sustainability, and we know the value this depth of perspectives brings to our culture. Diversity drives our reputation as a great place to work, attracting talent to join a team where employees can grow and be productive, innovate, and make a meaningful difference to our organization. We rely on each other to bring our best, and trust each other to listen and learn.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Across our diverse, global team, every voice makes us stronger. 

When we listen to and learn from each other, there is no limit to what we can achieve together.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Progress in Advancing Our DEI Pillars

Our DEI synopsis report includes updates on our progress for advancing our four global pillars. See how we’re elevating our employee listening strategy by promoting inclusive practices across our business.

Women Leaders
Inclusion of Manufacturing Employees
Underrepresented Groups

Global Awareness and Recognition

Our DEI initiatives are globally aligned and regionally relevant. Each year, we celebrate a variety of awareness events. Some events are driven by our regional employee resource groups, others are led by the Global DEI office. We believe that awareness events promote belonging, connection, inclusion for all, and most importantly bring our manufacturing and professional employees together.

Regional DEI Councils

With strong leadership from DEI Councils we drive a holistic but robust global DEI strategy. Regional Councils are carefully structured in Asia Pacific, EMEA, Latin America and North America, these councils ensure that the DEI needs and concerns of the region are understood, acted upon, and shared with our global community. We also have a global DEI Council, made up of Corporate Leadership Team members, who lead the global DEI Strategy.

Championing Diversity: Our Award-Winning Teams

We believe that diversity is not just a goal; it’s a strength that propels us forward. Collectively, our team has received over 30 awards and recognitions worldwide which highlight our progress and achievements in diversity, equity and inclusion.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Equality 100 Leader in LGBTQ+ Workplace Inclusion

HRC Foundation

Top 50 Best Company for Latinas to Work for in the U.S.


2023 Top Ranked Regional Companies


Employee Resource Groups

Regional DEI Councils and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are an integral part of our DEI strategy. ERGs create opportunities for employees to learn and experience greater belonging. Our Employee Resource Groups are open to all employees interested in learning about the experiences and challenges of their colleagues. 


In 2019, we expanded our support of ERGs globally, which brings together employees with shared interests, characteristics, or experiences and a common desire to make Avery Dennison a more open and inclusive workplace. Over 3,200 employees worldwide are a member or ally of an ERG. Members and allies can build relationships and expand networks across business units and functions, network, collaborate, showcase and further develop skills and advocate for cultural change. Our ERG categories are broad, and members are active across each of the four regions in which we operate. ERG categories include:


Asian Employees, Black/African American Employees, Caregiving, Hispanic / Latinx, LGBTQI+, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Potential and Ambition, Racially Ethnic Group, Veteran’s and Women’s Networking & Development.