Life at Avery Dennison

Michael Kampers, Manager Design Engineering, Germany

Years with AD

What attracted you to your chosen work? 

When it comes to overcoming challenges and leading people, I don't have to pretend to be another person, it just suits my character. The conclusion is to be a Lead Engineer!

I was looking for a company with an international character, development potential, a high standard of technology and a position with a lot of freedom to make decisions.

What skills did you develop early that are still useful today?

I am interested in almost everything and have tried out many things. In my youth and during my studies, I worked through different jobs and tried out an incredible number of hobbies. In team sports, associations and event management, you learn a lot of things that are worth a lot in your later professional life. This includes team spirit, organizational skills, personal responsibility, courage, endurance, resilience and motivating people who are often unpaid at a place where there is a job to be done.

How have you grown in your career at Avery Dennison?

Since joining Avery Dennison, my progress as a leader has been tremendous. For example, the perspective from which I look at leadership has shifted to focus more towards the people I work with. Also, the importance of diversity and the benefits of cultural differences have a central importance at Avery Dennison and have come more into focus.

In my day-to-day professional life, I am allowed to take on responsibilities in a very broad field and any duties I have are supported with the appropriate rights. I am supported by superiors and HR in the form of advice, training and continuing education. My team is constantly growing and I have all the necessary resources to train my employees as well.

I chose Avery Dennison because in addition to an extremely competent and multidisciplinary team, good supervisors and a complex product from the automotive environment were also a part of the equation.

What's the biggest stretch opportunity you've taken on?

My move to Avery Dennison came just in time of the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Organizing a large team with many production-critical tasks into the home office and taking the lead on that team remotely was one of the biggest professional challenges of my life. The biggest personal challenge I constantly face is projecting the standards I set for myself onto others.

What role has mentorship played in your career?

Mentorship has played a big role in my career. I believe that I received a good moral compass from my parents, which has always guided me well in my relationships with others. In a professional environment, the last 3 years have made a great impact on my thinking and leadership style. I would like to thank my direct supervisor, Doctor Florestan Koehler, for working with me and always guiding me.

Life at Avery Dennison

What’s the best career decision you’ve ever made?

I believe that the most important thing about choosing a job is that it makes you happy. You spend most of the week at work and often more time with your colleagues than with your partner. The best decision I made was to compromise on distance from the center of my life, to leave my comfort zone and accept a challenging job with conditions that fit. Avery Dennison and my partner are giving me the opportunity to lead and work remotely in a balanced way with presence.

As you think about the next steps in your career, what are the most important actions you plan to take?

My long-term goal is to take on even more responsibility and make as much of a positive impact as possible on the world we live in. Since Avery Dennison plays a global role and as a company actively takes responsibility for its surroundings and environment, I can well imagine developing my career here over a long period of time.

What do you enjoy most about the work you do?

I am lucky that people allow me to lead them. Leadership has to be earned and is not something you get by signing a contract with a title. I am immensely grateful for my skilled team who make my job as easy as possible every day. The thing I enjoy most about my job is the trust of my team members that I am doing the right thing for them and the company.

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