Jenny Hu, Senior Regional Sales Manager, Greater China

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What attracted you to your chosen work? 
Our apparel industry moves at a really fast pace. New information is coming through every day, every hour or even every minute, bringing so many new things to learn. I like the fast pace, and my colleagues and everyone I work with are very enthusiastic, which makes my job productive and meaningful. 


What skills did you develop early that are still useful today?
I learned early in my career the importance of effective communication, which is helpful in all aspects of my professional and personal life. I have also learned the importance of teamwork for getting things done efficiently and with the best results.


How have you grown in your career at Avery Dennison?
I started in Global Program Deployment (GPD) in 2005 and joined the commercial team the next year. I have been a sales leader since 2010 and am now leading the mainland China fty sales team. Everything I learned at each stage of my career helped me get to where I am today.


Photo of Jenny
Photo of Jenny


What's the biggest stretch opportunity you've taken on?
With the unfavorable trading situations in China, it’s been a challenge to drive the sales team to find more local business while continuing to grow our business.

What role has mentorship played in your career?
Working with a mentor broadens the scope of the insight. Talking with others who bring more experience and different points of view helps you see things differently and make better decisions.



I learned the importance of teamwork for getting things done efficiently and with the best results.


What’s the best career decision you’ve ever made?
My best career decision has been choosing to join the commercial team.  


As you think about the next steps in your career, what are the most important actions you plan to take?
The next thing I want to do is move out of my comfort zone and work more collaboratively across regions/functions. Partnering with other areas of the business will help us build best practices and make our team more successful. 


What do you enjoy most about the work you do?
I am motivated by the fast pace of our industry. I learn something every day, and new challenges keep me engaged in my work. But our work wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding without our great teamwork -- the people I work with put a smile on my face and make each day enjoyable.


Photo of Jenny

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