Celebrating 25 Years in India


Avery Dennison India turns 25, and to celebrate, we're sharing stories from the individuals who helped us reach this milestone—our employees.


Avery Dennison India

September 6, 2022


Celebrating 25 Years in India
Celebrating 25 Years in India

Sanjeev Chauhan
Executive, Environment, Health & Safety



"The beginning is a place where we all have to start at some point in our lives. A new job and workplace always offer mixed feelings. On one hand, you are happy that you have got an opportunity to work in a company of your choice, and on the other, you also experience a bout of nervousness.

Starting days were a little messy, but after time I was capable of managing things. It was not only my beginning, it was the beginning for the company too. During that time, while challenges were uncountable,  we still managed to get through.  


With honor, I can say that I have completed 25 years in the same company,  my work changed, my position changed,  people changed, and employees changed, but my relationship with this workplace still persists. My dedication to my work and my honesty prove my loyalty to the company.  This time span has taught me a lot of things: having control over my emotions, respecting others, enhancing speaking skills, meeting a large number of people with diverse backgrounds, and the list still goes endlessly.

I’ve always received support from my seniors and the leadership team. There are also multiple practices available for learning and serving society For example- the WOW program, SEVA program, Tree plantations, Great place to work survey, Employee survey, POSH, Value & ethics and many more.  


I also cherish the many platforms and fun activities like Funky Friday, Cricket matches, Family day celebration and many more events.


When I think back, there is one incident close to my heart that I recall. During our early days when we got our first export order from Australia, we had only limited resources, and we were thinking about how to service our first order with the best quality product and packaging. Even after facing multiple challenges like loading the material in the container, we were still able to get our first export order approved.


I will always remember this because this was a new process and the first time for us, but we were able to execute it smoothly and in time. Customer Satisfaction is most important, and it is our aim to serve the best in world quality products.     


I really wish that Avery Dennison touches heights of success and reaches even higher. It is like my second family, and I feel it is built with our hands while doing regular hard work."

Celebrating 25 Years in India

Shubhangi Nair
Principal Scientist


"I have completed 10 years in Avery Dennison on 2nd April 2022. The journey has been really exciting and eventful. I joined at a time when R&D was being set up in India and hence it was very eventful. We had to put up with temporary offices/labs etc, it was a huge experience but all very enjoyable and we had great teamwork and support from all functions. I joined as Senior research scientist in the first batch. I have grown with the organization which has been a very symbiotic relationship. These 10 years have really flown by very fast, and have offered me different challenges, experiences, roles and responsibilities, which helped me to grow professionally and personally.


Avery Dennison as an organization has always offered multiple career options and streams which an individual can choose where one can leverage one’s skills and strengths and also understand areas of development and work on them. I pursued my chosen path, the organization allowed me to experiment, learn and grow. Also being a woman, I would proudly say that this organization has allowed me the flexibility and freedom to pursue my interest and contribute effectively to the needs of the organization. The organization has always pushed me to get out of my comfort zone, experiment and be successful. This has ensured that I remain rooted in this organization and have been able to reach this important milestone.


I strongly feel that we are getting into exciting times in terms of the changes that are happening around us where Innovation and Sustainability will play a decisive role and I am happy that I will get a chance to be part of the exciting journey.


In short, Avery Dennison is indeed a Great place to work and I hope to reach many more milestones here."

Celebrating 25 Years in India

Ambrit Pradhan
Assistant Manager, Sales


"I completed 6.5 years in Avery Dennison on 24th August 2022. It has been an exciting journey for me. I moved from one city to another and worked on different kinds of projects with different kinds of cultures and customer bases. This is the organization that most resembles my personal values. I love the progressiveness, openness and the fact that it’s forward thinking. It moves quickly, and just the whole ethos behind it. It’s something that I’m proud of, and I talk about.


From the Senior Executive role, I progressed to Channel Excellence Manager, putting my existing managerial skills to use. It has never been a cakewalk, relocated 3 times, keeping my family behind (Bangalore, Hyderabad & Kolkata) to support the business where our presence was less and multiple challenges were there on the ground. Oh, how can I forget the reward of my dedication and sacrifices? I gathered 9 quarterly & 3 annual awards for best performance in my field in these years. So, my journey has really been fantastic and the opportunities I’ve been given I am incredibly grateful for – they are tapping into all the skills that I have brought with me.


The last few years have been most significant for Sheet Business. I’ve seen a real shift towards a customer-centric approach and teamwork, and we have really put our values at the forefront of what we do. I really feel lucky that I was part of the most exciting phase and true growth of the Sheet business in India.


I remember when I shifted to the Eastern zone from the South, we were struggling in every aspect here, and I was also not confident enough to work by looking at the circumstances. One simple statement from my manager, Mr. Manish Gulati (Your Zone is your Baby Ambrit, you know how to take care of that) changed my way of working, and that resulted on the ground. Today East is the highest performing zone in Sheet Business and giving consistent growth over the last 4 years, even in the COVID year we delivered 15% growth here. I always feel like my skills can be best shown through me rather than through a performance of me. You’re given ‘permission’ by everyone who works here – the culture is open – you can see it and feel it. 


The unique thing about Here is the sheer sense of camaraderie; and the true care behind that. I do believe that we show Care Unbound, and I have a hundred examples of things that I see all the time. Our caring culture is based on a sense of community, mindfulness and promoting wellness. One great example is the “Good Samaritans” team in Covid time, where I was an active member too, and I have seen how teams go the extra mile to support others.


We are working for an organization that sees visions and values and other purpose-based immersion sessions as a valuable use of time."

Celebrating 25 Years in India

Shashi Pal
Sr. Executive, Production


"I joined Avery Dennison as an operator back in June of 1997. I saw everything start and grow from the very first machine. While I was excited, I was just as scared, but the training I received from Mr. Colleen from Avery Dennison Australia helped create a feeling of confidence and trust within myself. The training also helped me differentiate myself and created multiple opportunities for me including being offered a training course in the China Converting College. That in turn, gave me the opportunity to visit Korea and create value for an ongoing project there. It further created an opportunity for me to set up the Distribution Center in Kenya and train the staff there.


Most recently, being one of the senior-most members in my division of the organization, I have been given the responsibility of shifting machines from the Gurgaon to Greater Noida plant. My entire journey of 25 years in the organization has witnessed multiple opportunities and learnings, it has helped me grow as an individual while also working towards the expansion of the organization. My journey has also been an emotional one where in a time of need, the leadership team of the organization presented their support and stood together as a family. 


Avery Dennison has helped me grow both professionally and personally, it has provided me with countless opportunities and has appreciated everything I have done. I wish long-lasting success and prosperity for the organization as a whole. Avery Dennison is truly “A Great Place to Work.”

Celebrating 25 Years in India

Murali Krishnan
Manager, Nat. SLS, Digital Sheets


"I am completing my 7 years in Avery Dennison in a month. The journey at Avery Dennison gave me a lot of learnings and developments, both personally and professionally, along with so many positive challenges. I joined as Area Sales Manager - South of the sheets business and currently working as a National Sales Manager, which is the real example that the organization recognizes and rewards reasonably well to all the employees. I have gone through all the ups and downs of this business right from GST, demonetization, inflation, COVID etc. Business in the Digital Business sector which I am leading currently, is also growing in product line, volume and value. The product line growth indicates to us that there is great coordination between cross-functional teams and also, we are strongly working as per our Organizational values & Vision statements.


Avery Dennison, as an organization, provides multiple opportunities to explore and exhibit the potential of the individuals and take responsibility as and when it is required. It supports the individuals in developing themself by providing learning & coaching sessions on a regular basis. Avery Dennison is an Amazing & Incredible organization to work with, and as an individual, I always feel proud that my organization has futuristic visions and keeps thinking about tomorrow - right from the product development and services to the industry/market like sustainable innovations, D E & I. The flexibility and freedom which we are getting here have no words to explain, and it gives me a feeling that I should do more for this organization.  


It is not only the time to celebrate 25 years of completion, and it is the right time to convey our gratitude to all our seniors & predecessors for paving a path for their successors to become successful. 


It is a great pleasure for me to celebrate this milestone of 25 years of completion of our organization in India, and for sure, the organization will achieve much more in the future." 

Celebrating 25 Years in India

Rajeev Katara
Assistant Manager, Operations


"When I first joined the organization, I vividly remember the plant still being under construction. I remember the daily meetings and safety updates that we would receive as part of the earliest batch of employees.


As the plant was still under construction, there were multiple problems that we faced initially - from covering the machinery to protect it from dust as it was installed under a temporary shade to difficulty in meeting urgent timelines with limited logistic support. I fondly remember the slitter being finally moved from a temporary shade to under a roof once the plant was constructed.


I remember an incident from my early days when one of our trucks that was carrying an important and urgent shipment met with an unfortunate accident. In order to take care of this problem, the Plant Manager and the Director themselves stayed until late alongside the employees and made sure that the customer’s needs were met. 


Throughout the long journey of 25 years, there have also been a lot of learnings that I have experienced, this organization has taught me that “Every Employee is a Leader, who can provide Vision and Direction, drive Action and Execution.” The voice and opinions of all the employees are heard and valued. It is a place that is driven by customer centricity, values, ethics, inclusion and diversity. 


Going forward I would love to see the organization build on its production and customer excellence. Avery Dennison is a place where all employees are a part of a family, a place where their opinions and thoughts matter, and a place where personal growth is paramount."

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