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TrafficJet™ Pro finds a house in Germany

Signature Hiller GmbH expands its traffic sign business with Avery Dennison

When the technology is cutting-edge and inspiring, footprint expansion is inevitable. Avery Dennison's TrafficJet™ Pro continues to lead the digital print revolution by being the most productive traffic sign printing system. After its successful implementation and operation in countries like The Netherlands, France, The United Kingdom etc., it could not escape the attention of the German traffic sign industry.

Avery Dennison's channel partner, Signature Hiller GmbH, is an innovative company that produces specification-compliant traffic signs in all performance classes. Hiller's experienced team of experts provides a complete solution- starting with the idea through development to design, production and assembly. They offer expert advice along with high-quality products and cost-effective solutions. They are a single source for equipping train stations, airports, terminals, and road signage. Signature Hiller GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, as well as Q1 of Deutsche Bahn.

While they were exploring the idea of expansion within the traffic sign segment, the primary goal was to be able to deliver high-quality traffic signs to their customers faster and cost-effectively. TrafficJet Pro's unmatched speed and quality fit the purpose as it is the industry's fastest digital traffic sign printer.

"With several visits from Avery Dennison representatives on technical and solution-based initiatives, we decided to go for this solution. Our jobs require fast delivery and high quality, and the fit with the TrafficJet Pro was just what we needed," says Tim Hiller. "We decided to go for the TrafficJet Pro since it is an industrial printer, it's very robust, you can call it a no-nonsense printer, and it delivers excellent results."

All TrafficJet purchases come with installation and training. "We had extensive training for our team, and our operators are very satisfied, the TrafficJet Pro is very user-friendly, requires low maintenance, the print quality is excellent, and the speed is unbelievable."

"Due to the printer's high speed, we can take on even bigger projects and promise short delivery times. It is quite a thing that we are the first sign manufacturer in Germany with a TrafficJet Pro, but I will not be surprised if more will follow shortly," continues Hiller.

The print machine operator, Mr. Benjamin Eiler, is equally satisfied as he explains, "It is so easy to maintain, and the quality is fantastic. I am so happy with the printer, my job has become much easier."

With this new printer installation, their focus is now even more on the traffic sign business, and they have recently been awarded a new project in Germany based on 3A composite's DibondTraffic. Congratulations, Signature Hiller!

TrafficJet is the only digital traffic sign system 100% backed by a single supplier. Avery Dennison provides the installation, printer, ink, sheeting, overlay, laminator, and service support—so there is no question of who to call or who guarantees your sign performance. It is our system, our warranty, and your peace of mind. Avery Dennison is the trusted leader in digital printing for the traffic industry. Hear from the TrafficJet community and their experience with the printer and how it's transformed their operation.

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