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Tips and Tricks for DOL 6460 Gloss Urethane Overlaminate

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions DOL 6460 Premium Gloss

Avery Dennison DOL 6460 Premium Gloss is a high performance digital overlaminate that was developed specifically for extended durability in both vertical and horizontal applications. This overlaminate pairs well with Avery Dennison digital films such as MPI 1105 cast series vinyl or MPI 1405 Easy Apply RS PVC-free film.

DOL 6460 is a 1.5 mil polyurethane film which makes it a PVC free film. The high gloss film features a synthetic liner that creates a super smooth high gloss finish which provides an overall paint-like finish of printed graphics.


Benefits of using DOL 6460:


Tips & Tricks

Applying DOL 6460 Gloss Urethane laminate to a printed graphic:

  • When overlaminating UV printed graphics, heat assist and increase lamination pressure when applying the overlaminate will reduce the silvering that can occur when laminating UV printed graphics.

  • Do not exceed 115° F (46° C) on the top or bottom roll.

  • Roll pressure up to 100 psi may be used.

  • When applying the overlaminate in this manner, use the minimum amount of unwind tension on the overlaminate to reduce stretching during application.

Recessed areas:

  • Before applying to recess areas make sure to clean thoroughly with a degreaser and then follow up with a cleaner.

  • When applying the vinyl in recessed areas make sure to apply the deepest recessed area first then the flat areas.

  • You only need to post heat the DOL 6460 at 158° F (70° C). We recommend the use of a heat gun with an IR thermometer to ensure you hit those temperatures during the post heating process.


  • Use the correct cleaning and maintenance products that are compatible with DOL 6460. Ensure you clean and protect your finished application with Avery Dennison’s range of Supreme Wrap™ Care products which includes a cleaner, power cleaner and sealant.

  • Do not clean the DOL 6460 Gloss urethane face with IPA or strong solvents as this may whiten the laminate face. Don’t use: acetone or any strong adhesive removers.

  • It is highly recommended that all other cleaning and adhesive removers be properly tested to ensure compatibility with the film.

Cutting graphics laminated with DOL 6460 Gloss urethane:

  • This film is essentially a thin paint protection film (PPF) and hard to cut clean. The key is to click a new blade often and press slightly harder with a fresh snapped blade to ensure optimum cuts and quality finishing. For on the body cuts, you can use PPF line from Knifeless Tape.


Check out these reference videos for more lamination tips and tricks for MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS™ and MPI 1405 Easy Apply™ with DOL 6460:





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