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Digital Printing is Changing Traffic Signs

TrafficJet™ Finding Acceptance In India

The Indian Roads Congress (IRC) is the oldest and most important representative technical body of highway engineers in India. This organization is a driving force behind the development and implementation of materials and design standards that include traffic sign layout and fabrication. These signs vary in form, size and content, and range from large signs installed on overhead gantries to smaller post-mounted street signs. Regardless of the type, safety demands that these signs be fabricated with utmost care in accordance with standard specifications.

Since its introduction over five years ago, the Avery Dennison TrafficJet™ Print System has emerged as the best-selling digital print platform for specification compliant and warranted traffic signs around the world. The newest advancement, TrafficJet™ Plus, nearly doubles print speed and lowers ink consumption by 30%. With signs warranted up to 15 years and global acceptance, it’s no surprise that this impressive technology captured the attention of the Committee for Accreditation of New Materials and Techniques of the IRC. Their review resulted in a formal approval of the TrafficJet Print System for the fabrication of traffic signs in India, the first for any digital printer.

Unique to TrafficJet is the use of “spot’ colors - engineered and premixed by Avery Dennison to the exacting day and nighttime color requirements of traffic sign specifications. Spot colors utilize the same proven pigments found in our screen print inks and overlay films, so performance is well established. This is very different from other printers which derive traffic sign colors by combining cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Avery Dennison’s CMSpot6™ ink package, consisting of six traffic spot colors and cyan and magenta, increases the color gamut by 37%, enabling sign fabricators to also produce custom color sign projects beyond standard traffic signs. Protecting the ink is OL-1000 Anti-Graffiti Film which enables a variety of sign defacements (paint, markers, stickers, etc.) to be easily cleaned from the surface. The film also extends warranted sign life - 10 years on custom colors, 12 years for HIP, and 15 years for OmniCube™ with traffic sign colors.

TrafficJet™ is quickly finding acceptance among sign converters in India. 

  • TrafficJet™ signs have been a major component multiple road projects of the National Highway of India, Bhopal Municipal Corporation, Public Works Department (PWD), New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), and Reliance Petroleum,

  • Because prints can be conveniently nested on 48” wide white sheeting, sign fabricators are finding they can simplify and reduce capital tied up raw material inventory, 

  • Sequentially numbered signs, typical of highway markers and street signs, are easily printed with the printer’s software package.

Beyond sign performance, service has been key to the success of the TrafficJet Print System. All equipment is sold direct, installation and operator training is conducted by Avery Dennison certified experts. Our exclusive Clear ✓ Maintenance Program provides owners with maintenance tips and tricks to keep their equipment running at peak performance. The digital ink, reflective sheeting and protective overlaminate is also manufactured by Avery Dennison in ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities. This convenient, turn-key solution delivers peace of mind, and optimizes the value of an investment into digital printing.

Please visit us on the web, or contact us for digital print samples and a complimentary demonstration of this industry changing technology.

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