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Smart Collaborations, Intelligent Labels

"With collaborations like this, we have the opportunity to be industry leaders and support our customers together as they come along with us on this intelligent labels journey.”

While it’s located in Mentor, Ohio, the newest Avery Dennison I.Lab has roots all over the world — from Juarez, Mexico to Oegstgeest, The Netherlands to Miamisburg, Ohio. This is truly bringing together our Avery Dennison business units and regions across the globe to show the capability and power of collaboration within our company.

Created in close collaboration by teams from RFID and Label and Graphic Materials, the I.Lab is a unique customer experience center that will take customers on a journey through multiple industries from supply chain to point of sales to explore how intelligent labels are transforming the world that we live in today. It includes live demonstrations of Avery Dennison RFID, TTSensor Plus™, and Janela™ solutions.

This is the second I.Lab built at an Avery Dennison site. The first opened in Europe in 2017 and additional labs are planned for throughout the globe.

My colleague DJ Lee, Director of RFID Channel Sales, said: “This represents an exciting step forward for an exciting opportunity for Avery Dennison — bringing together our technologies across business units. With collaborations like this, we have the opportunity to be industry leaders and support our customers together as they come along with us on this intelligent labels journey.”

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Making connections across the world

“Intelligent Labels” is a term that describes label applications that can store and capture information and wirelessly transmit data. It all starts with a chip that is attached to an antenna to create an RFID inlay,  which can then be converted into a label and brought to life by an RFID reader, enabling connectivity throughout the supply chain and consumer engagement

To get the full picture, the Intelligent Labels team took our I.Lab journey to Juarez, Mexico to learn all about how the RFID inlay comes together. “It was amazing to see how it goes from this tiny little chip that can fit on the tip of your finger to a full inlay,” said Jay Wittmann, Intelligent Label Product Manager.

The journey also took us to the Miamisburg Customer Design and Innovation Center. This facility within the Avery Dennison Miamisburg plant provides a variety of key solution sets, including RFID ticketing, in-plant printing, high-speed labeling, RFID store inventory capabilities, and more. We also went to Juarez, Mexico to see the manufacturing process for RFID inlays.

Seeing the RFID inlay design and manufacturing process and the converting and application process was a great experience. Seeing the end-to-end process really helped to build RFID knowledge within the LGM team and gain confidence to increase awareness of RFID within the Label and Graphic Materials business.

Finally, the team also went to LGM HQ in Oegstgeest to see the very first I.Lab in action.  The center shows how our solutions are impacting multiple industries, from retail and apparel to the food industry, and recently expanding to pharmaceuticals, aviation, automotive, and more. It was inspiring to see how we combined our technical capabilities and materials science expertise to showcase applications within and beyond the retail space.

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Connecting with customers

Through these visits and continued collaboration with the RFID team, the I.Lab in Mentor came together as a space for innovation, creativity and hands-on experiences for customers and partners alike. “This is a powerful tool to take customers on a journey through the supply chain to point-of-sale and beyond to uncover the technology of tomorrow,” DJ said.

The iLab was completed in late March and the first visits happened soon after. The response from customers has been very positive; they found the tour to be engaging, informative and extremely useful to learn more about our intelligent labeling solutions. Customers are looking for ways to differentiate themselves. They see this area as a growth engine for their business and really value having Avery Dennison partner with them and help them through their own intelligent label journey.

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