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Supporting the Talent of the Future

Recognizing and rewarding invention, innovation and excellence in high‐achieving students through the
Avery Dennison InvEnt Scholarship Program

Finding, nurturing and retaining talent in an organisation is key to success and as a people leader I enjoy looking to our new talent to see how they will take our legacies and transform our futures. As Avery Dennison is a company based on material science it is always particularly positive to see young and emerging talent focussed on inventing solutions to everyday problems.

A month has gone by since the 2017 Avery Dennison InvEnt scholarship awards, held in Kunshan China, which I hosted alongside Alicia Procello, President of the Avery Dennison foundation and I am still thinking of the students that I met that day, their ideas and furthermore their energy and passion for the future.

10 students from the East China University of Science and Technology, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communications and Wuhan University, were awarded scholarships by the Avery Dennison Foundation. They were selected not only on their excellence performances in their academic courses but also based on their innovative approach to science, engineering and technology.

Having a day to step back and listen to their creative solutions for some very practical problems was not only interesting and encouraging but hugely motivating. Furthermore meeting Hao Cheng, a scholarship winner in 2009, who after completing his master’s degree set up his own business in 3D rendering in Guangzhou, reinforced the importance of scholarships and mentoring.

My reflection, some weeks later, is that the future talent pool is rich, as long as we all take the time to invest and support our future colleagues! I am looking forward to seeing what each of these scholarship winners achieves in the future - and what I will no doubt learn from them!


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