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Here's to Innovation in Label Materials for the Wine and Spirits Market

"What we do at Avery Dennison is a perfect combination of creativity and engineering. We continually wrestle with both form and function."

If you have a taste for gin, there were worse places to be in mid-March than ProWein, the international trade show for wine and spirits held annually in Dϋsseldorf. I was fortunate to be there with a number of my Avery Dennison colleagues from around the world, checking in on both current and coming trends in packaging design for the wine and spirits industry.

The sheer scale of the massive industry gathering was breathtaking. Several thousand winemakers, distillers, and craft brewers were represented — including more than 1,700 exhibitors from Italy alone, and exactly one rum distiller from the Seychelles. The myriad of businesses that serve the industry were well accounted-for as well.

the lost distillery scotch whiskey

Pictured: 'The Lost Distillery' Scotch Whisky

Wandering among the booths, I was particularly struck by the high number of gin distilleries represented. It seemed there was at least one from every country on earth. It affirmed for me that, more than ever, design and innovation in labels and packaging are critical to capturing consumers’ interest — and converting that interest into sales. Apart from all the gin, there were also huge numbers of wine producers in attendance, and those I spoke to made it clear that their labels are still their number one platform for telling their story and standing out in the minds of consumers.

That’s exactly what we’re about at Avery Dennison. We combine innovation in materials science with expertise in label design to create materials that let brands break through. We do new and unexpected things with papers, films and adhesives so that designers can do the same with packaging.

It’s definitely a two-way street. Our ideas and innovations inspire designers, and theirs, in turn, inspire us. In addition to the event we spent one whole day close to Dϋsseldorf just listening to insights from designers, printers and paper manufacturers. In the evenings, we chatted over dinner with designers from Italy, France and Germany, and with suppliers from as far away as Australia.

francisca martin of ruska martin associates

Pictured: Francisca Martín of Ruska Martin Associates

We’ll take the understanding we gained back to our labs and design studios and put it to work on the next generation of Avery Dennison products. Our aim is to inspire designers with possibilities they may not have thought of, and to eliminate the barriers that keep them from bringing their visions to life.

What we do at Avery Dennison is a perfect combination of creativity and engineering. We continually wrestle with both form and function. Labels not only have to look beautiful and unique — they also can’t peel, lift, or wrinkle, and they have to stand up to changes in temperature during shipping and storage; they have to work. So our solutions have to satisfy both the left and right halves of the brain. That’s one of the things I really enjoy about my job — that, and the occasional opportunity to sample gin from virtually every place on earth.

If you’d like to talk about creative possibilities Avery Dennison materials make possible, I’d love to hear from you—reach me at angus.mcguffin@eu.averydennison.com

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