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Helping sustainable forestry take root in Mexico

“The Avery Dennison Foundation’s investment has helped create both permanent and temporary employment for forestry workers.”

Sometimes hope comes with a Latin name, like Pinus greggii. Or Quercus rugosa. Those are just two species of trees that Avery Dennison volunteers have planted and tended as part of the Avery Dennison Foundation’s support of Reforestamos Mexico, a Mexico City-based nonprofit, and its mission to replenish precious forestland.

Forests are critical to climate stability, biodiversity and economic health. Mexico’s forestlands are among the world’s most rich and diverse, and are increasingly at risk from fire, illegal logging, and clearing for agriculture. Established in response to fires that ravaged millions of hectares of Mexico’s forests in 1998, Reforestamos Mexico is fighting ongoing deforestation by engaging local communities in efforts to replant and sustainably manage forests throughout the country. 

In 2017, the Avery Dennison Foundation awarded Reforestamos Mexico a three-year, $20,000 total grant to support restoration of three hectares in four Mexican states: México, Querétaro, Nuevo Léon, and Jalisco. Work supported by the grant includes planting saplings, building firebreaks, digging trenches, installing fencing, constructing irrigation systems and pruning mature trees.

One aim of the project is to offer local residents permanent and seasonal jobs to help decrease worker migration and show that sustainable forestry offers opportunities to make a living. The project has created more than one hundred jobs so far. 

By design, all four of the project’s reforestation sites are near Avery Dennison facilities, enabling employee volunteers to lend a hand with the work. Along with Reforestamos Mexico staff and others, nearly 200 Avery Dennison employees have helped plant about 3,000 trees.

“We’ve volunteered with Reforestamos Mexico since 2017,” said Miriam Corro, who works in human resources at the Avery Dennison Label and Graphic Materials facility in Tlalnepantla. “Their passion has motivated employees to address our forests. It has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life, giving the planet a little of everything it gives us.”

Supporting environmental sustainability is part of the Avery Dennison Foundation’s mission; community volunteerism is one of the main ways Avery Dennison employees live the company’s values. Prior to the 2017 grant, the Avery Dennison Foundation had contributed financial support and volunteer time to Reforestamos Mexico through the Foundation’s employee-driven Granting Wishes program.

The project is scheduled to continue through the end of 2019, although Reforestamos Mexico will monitor and maintain the reforested sites after that. In roughly a dozen years, the mature trees Avery Dennison planted will begin to provide essential environmental services such as improved water supply, biodiversity, the capture of carbon dioxide, and more. 

More immediately, local residents are seeing that when forests are managed for the long term, jobs can grow on trees.

“The Avery Dennison Foundation’s investment has helped create both permanent and temporary employment for forestry workers,” said Gerardo Villa Zevallos, National Development Coordinator for Reforestamos Mexico, “and its support has been fundamental to forest restoration in the areas where we’ve intervened.”

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