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A New Tool for the Toolbox

Reducing installation time of the new Avery Dennison Dynamic Privacy Film with the help of the Thor's Hammer Squeegee.

Recently I had the opportunity with another colleague to do a couple installs with the new Avery Dennison Dynamic Privacy Film. This film utilizes a new technology that can be switched from transparent to opaque when powered. The film is 275 microns thick and, as with most window films, the installation requires application via a wet solution.

During the first install, we used a traditional 6” heavy duty rubber squeegee. This squeegee did the job of removing all the wetting solution from behind the film during the installation; however, because of the amount of pressure needed to remove the solution from this type of thick film, it was physically demanding on our hands, wrists and shoulders. This required us to install the film in sections to allow for breaks.

Before our second installation, my colleague was made aware of a tool called the Thor’s Hammer Squeegee that would make the install a lot easier and quicker. The Thor’s Hammer is engineered to be ergonomically easy to handle. It utilizes a shovel like handle on one end and a rubberized grip on the opposite end by the 5” beveled hard squeegee. The tool comes with a 117 C Blue Max Squeegee blade but can switched out depending on the hardness of the desired squeegee. During this install we chose to use the Blue Max squeegee. The shovel handle allows for the installer to use more body force to press the squeegee against the film, and the handle allows for easy holding and positioning of the squeegee.

We quickly discovered how much easier and quicker the Thor’s Hammer Squeegee made the installation after the film was applied on one pane of glass. We estimate that by using the Thor’s Hammer Squeegee, we reduced the installation time by 50% compared to the 6” hand held squeegee. Because we were able to use our body as the force, our arms and wrists were less fatigued. This tool truly made a huge difference and is now the recommended tool of choice for installing the Avery Dennison Dynamic Privacy Film.

Thor’s Hammer Squeegee can be purchased online at the following locations (44tools.com, GDI Tools and Interwest Tools).

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