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Clock Ticking on Colombia Conspicuity Compliance

Avery Dennison introduces V-5820 Series Conspicuity Tape to the Colombian market to comply with new resolution.

Owners and manufacturers of a wide variety of commercial vehicles including trucks, trailers, buses, and industrial machinery, have until September 2019 to comply with Resolution 3246 requiring the application of retroreflective conspicuity safety tape.

Facing an increase in nighttime vehicle-to-vehicle crashes accounting for 68% of all crash related injuries and 52% of fatalities, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism in Colombia enacted Resolution 0538 in 2013. The resolution began the process of creating standards mirroring other countries which have improved safety by enhancing nighttime visibility of commercial vehicles with retroreflective tape. In collaboration with industry experts, including Avery Dennison, the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards, Icontec, published  new performance standards for retroreflective tape in the technical norm NTC 5807. To facilitate compliance, the standard requires the following information to be embedded into the structure of the tape:

  • Technical norm: NTC 5807
  • American norm: DOT - C2
  • Manufacturer’s logo
  • Month and year of production

In response, Avery Dennison introduced V-5820 Series Conspicuity Tape into the Colombian market. Opting for a metalized, solid-layer construction, V-5820 outperforms the durability of competitive air-celled reflective tape, and is the only specification-compliant tape in Colombia that has been certified with the Technical Regulation seal of Quality from Icontec.

Resolution 3246, issued on August 3, 2018 by the Ministry of Transport, originally required the application of retroreflective conspicuity tape to a wide range of trucks, buses, and industrial machinery manufactured or imported into Colombia by November 3, 2018. However, the short three month period caught all compliant tape manufacturers by surprise, and product shortages opened the industry to a flood of non-regulated, counterfeit tapes lacking in the required reflectivity, durability, and identification requirements. Estimating that only 50,000 out of 1.2 million vehicles had been marked with tape by the deadline, the Ministry extended the compliance deadline until September 2019.

Featuring high retroreflectivity, long-life, and ease of application, V-5820 complies with the technical norm NTC 5807, and is readily available from authorized Avery Dennison distributors in Colombia. Avery Dennison also manufactures a complete line of conspicuity safety tapes for school buses, rail car, and agricultural implement application. For more information, please contact your local representative, or visit our website.

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