Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions Blog / TrafficJet™ Xpert Installed at RoadWolf OÜ Estonia

TrafficJet™ Xpert Installed at RoadWolf OÜ Estonia

TrafficJet™ Xpert Installed at RoadWolf OÜ Estonia

Estonian Sign Fabricator finds success with TrafficJet™ Xpert

With more than 12 years of experience in the traffic market, RoadWolf OÜ, decided to add traffic signs to their product offering and produce top quality signs to complete their product offering in road safety.

RoadWolf OÜ started as a company for smaller traffic management works that evolved to provide road markings. Since their first year, they have been among the leaders in the Estonian road marking market. The company works all over Estonia, and also in their neighbour Baltic countries—Latvia and Lithuania.

Road safety is one of the primary goals for RoadWolf OÜ. They are constantly searching and trying new functional solutions that would fit the Estonian climate and specific needs. During winter for instance, Estonia can receive snowfall and make visibility more difficult. RoadWolf OÜ knows how important good signing and road marking is with these conditions. 

Being a company in professional road markings they therefore decided to also offer a complete portfolio to their customers and started to look for the best and highest quality of making retroreflective traffic signs. Recognizing the success and durability of the TrafficJet Print System, RoadWolf OÜ chose the TrafficJet Xpert when they decided to expand into digital printing.  

The TrafficJet Xpert from Avery Dennison is optimized for traffic signage, work zone applications, and custom graphics. True Traffic Color™ spot inks and included software automates sign making, simplifying the printing of specification compliant traffic control, wayfinding, and custom signage.

“We are impressed how the Avery Dennison team has guided us from the beginning to the end in the process of choosing the right solution for us, from offering the best offer and insight in digital printing, to be onsite and install the printer and even giving our team a training onside really impressed us” says Tarmo Sälik, President of Road Wulf Estonia. “We were up and running before you knew it!”

TrafficJet™ Xpert Installed at RoadWolf OÜ Estonia

“Having seen how digital printing can take fabrication of signs from hours to minutes, enabling quicker project turnaround for our customers, that's why we made the decision to invest in the Avery Dennison TrafficJet Print System. And when the support we got from the TrafficJet Xpert onsite was so superb, we know we made the right decision,” continues Mr. Sälik. Today Road Wulf offers and creates both permanent and temporary traffic signs.

To learn how the TrafficJet Print System can enhance safety and modernize traffic sign fabrication, visit reflectives.averydennison.com/trafficjet, or view this demo video to get a closer look at the printer in action.

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