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Avery Dennison’s Vinhedo Reflective Digital Center Expands

Offering hands-on education on advanced traffic sign fabrication processes

Brazil’s transportation infrastructure faces numerous challenges as it transforms to meet mobility needs in a changing economic environment. And key safety components, including traffic signs that provide critical information to road users, are now becoming part of this technological transformation thanks to the Avery Dennison TrafficJet™ Print System.

Given the rapid adoption of this technology in other parts of the world, our South America technical service team did more than simply dream of bringing this technology to their local customers. Looking for an effective way to accelerate adoption of digital printing, the team turned their dreams into reality with the recent expansion of their Reflective Digital Center located on Avery Dennison’s campus in Vinhedo, São Paulo, Brazil.

The center is a working example of best practices in modern traffic sign production, demonstrating how modern technology can replace decades-old processes that are inefficient, and often harmful to the environment. Our experts walk customers through the FlexiSIGN & Print software, then demonstrate how easily layouts are digitally printed on reflective media, protected with a transparent graffiti-cleanable overlay, and finally cut by computer to the exact dimension of the sign substrate. But more than simply watching, prospects are able to participate in each production step, experiencing firsthand the efficiency and value of this technology.

Each member of our technical service team is a certified expert in each fabrication process, and each piece of equipment offered, including set up, trouble-shooting, and repair. One call to Avery Dennison is all it takes to access service, printing tips, and material selection recommendations. The team is frequently called upon to consult on shop layout and fabrication techniques to improve process flow and efficiency. Because of their specialized knowledge of retroreflective performance, they are in an ideal position to match material selection with government signage specifications, ensuring that customers comply with regulations.

While the team’s customers see the value of the high quality of TrafficJet printed traffic signs, there are many whose production volume has yet to increase to the level that justifies the investment in a completely modernized sign shop. Avery Dennison has solved this problem by running production in the Digital Center, providing smaller volume customers the ability to participate in digital bids in the country by extending the option of buying printed and ready to apply sign faces. All production is warranted by Avery Dennison to exceed the Brazilian standard ABNT-NBR 14644.

“Our Digital Print Center has really helped us show the industry that we are the industry leader in Brazil”, said Marlu. “The team loves seeing the excitement on the faces of customers who have never seen digital traffic sign printing. And when we help them modernize their own sign shop, it is very satisfying.”

The Avery Dennison TrafficJet Print System is the best-selling digital traffic sign printer in use throughout the world today. For more information on TrafficJet, including a personalized demonstration, click here, or visit us on the web at reflectives.averydennison.com.

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