Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions Blog / VisiFlex™ V-8000 gives identity to new police cars in Brazil

VisiFlex™ V-8000 gives identity to new police cars in Brazil

VisiFlex™ V-8000 gives identity to new police cars in Brazil

“Thanks to VisiFlex V-8000 and team work with Avery Dennison, we could create a new identity for our Police cars in Brasilia, it draws attention and we are respected like a military policeman,” Governor of Brasilia.

Detran DF - Transit Department of the Federal District, Brasilia, Brazil manages vehicle administration and compliance of traffic regulations. Recently, they decided to create a new design for their police vehicles. This highly respected agency is responsible for law enforcement, traffic, and safety education, so their vehicles need to stand out. 

To enforce traffic control and COVID-19 restrictions, the government of Brasilia delivered 123 new vehicles to DETRAN (108 cars and 15 motorcycles), which included a new design to promote safety. Similar to Battenburg Markings, they use a yellow fluorescent color in contrast with the black car offering more visibility day and night, mainly in the grey hours thanks to the film’s retroreflectivity. This type of standardization (Battenburg Markings) was developed in the 1990s by the UK Police Science Department and even today it is considered the most modern design of emergency vehicles in Europe.

police squad car with reflective graphics solution

The cars and motorcycles from DETRAN are now using Avery Dennison’s retroreflective VisiFlex V-8000 film in yellow and fluorescent orange. Logos are printed in the Avery Dennison Reflective Digital Center using the TrafficJet Print System on white V-8000. “Thanks to the high reflectivity of the VisiFlex film used to design this new model of policeman, the vehicles can be seen from 500 metres, in order to inhibit the practices of crime and irregularities that generate risks of accidents,'' explains the Director of Police and fiscalization of transit. 

Introducing VisiFlex in Brazil wasn’t an easy task and this is a new fleet in Brazil, but now the product can be specified in the Detran manual in Brasilia. We hope most of the other state departments will prefer VisiFlex for their cars & motorcycles thanks to the success of the Detran vehicles in Brasilia. With VisiFlex’s high-performing retroreflective characteristics, we are providing more security to road users and road agents. 

The converter who made this possible was REV Group in Brazil, a company responsible for the manufacture, assembly and commercialization of special vehicles like  police cars and ambulances. They worked in partnership with SERITEC and Avery Dennison to convert all the graphics for the cars and motorcycles.

In this video you can see the excitement of the Director, Secretary of Detran and Governor of Brasilia. To learn more about retroreflective vehicle films from Avery Dennison, visit reflectives.averydennison.com. See examples of how fleets around the world utilize this material to improve visibility and road safety in the Global Vehicle Safety Showcase.

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