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AG's Natural Line Gives Women a Chance to do Good While Looking Good

AG's natural line using our film materials gives consumers a chance to impact poverty reduction and generder inequality by educating girls in Africa.

When working on a label for AG Hair’s natural haircare line, I was reminded again how small acts of charity can make a big difference in our interconnected world.

AG’s natural line using Avery Dennison 3 Mil MDO squeezable film materials offers more than just natural and nutritional plant-based ingredients to its consumers, it gives them a chance to impact poverty reduction and gender inequality by educating girls in Africa.

AG natural line

Originally from Africa, AG Hair co-founder Lotte Davis was acutely aware of the disproportionate inequality women and girls suffer there. In 2008 she started her own charity called One Girl Can, a holistic program that ensures the successful transition of one girl living in extreme poverty to one woman working in a career of her choice, having a voice in her community, and eventually giving back herself.

The work of One Girl Can is based on three pillars: We Build, We Educate and We Mentor. To date the charity has provided scholarships for 400 girls and reached thousands of others with its mentoring workshops. High school costs around $500 a year in Africa: most families earn only $1,000 annually. The charity’s long-term goal is to provide 1000 scholarships by 2025.

AG Hair supports One Girl Can through product sales – a portion of all product sales, not just those of their natural line, go to building schools in Kenya and Uganda – by rallying AG distributors and salons to fly to Africa for building projects, and by donating all the marketing, web development, accounting, admin and travel costs for the charity.

Found in thousands of salons around the world, AG Hair products use simple, natural ingredients formulated for the complexity and intricacies of different hair types, helping women build confidence about their hair and ultimately themselves. The company is built on three brand pillars: Products that work; a different standard of beauty; and giving back.

Clearly for AG Hair co-founders John and Lotte Davis, real beauty comes from real purpose -- much like the mission of the Avery Dennison Foundation, which seeks to inspire human promise to a more intelligent and sustainable world.

It’s not just people who have a responsibility to do good in this world, it’s companies, too.


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