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Twelve Essential Avery Dennison Innovations Featured at Labelexpo Europe

"...one of the reasons I love working for this company - we apply both imagination and intelligence in the bold pursuit of solutions to big problems, the problems that matter most to our customers and end-users."

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Coming back from Labelexpo Europe 2019, and, as always, I came away informed and inspired. The amount of talent and creativity in our industry never fails to impress me.

With so much to see and do, it can be easy to miss some of the substance among the spectacle. By the time you’ve visited the booths, attended the talks, enjoyed the dinners, and reconnected with customers and friends, recalling exactly who showcased what can be a challenge.

To refresh your memory, or if you couldn’t make it to Brussels this year, I’m pleased to offer a brief recap of the innovations we at Avery Dennison shared at Labelexpo 2019, many for the first time anywhere. Each breaks new ground and delivers important benefits for converters and brands - in functionality, cost-savings, sustainability and more.

Solutions for automotive, pharma, medical, and e-commerce

In our World of Science, visitors met with members of our research and development team and we showcased products including our Automotive Portfolio, which features both off-the-shelf and customized just-in-time solutions for vehicle applications of all kinds; our Cold Chain Adhesive, the first adhesive that can be applied at the sub-zero temperatures required for medical applications like organ transplants and assisted reproduction; a topcoat that delivers luminescence for pharmaceutical labels without limiting the choice of adhesives or requiring on-press application of a special varnish; and our game-changing, soon-to-be-available Surfas Technology, the first adhesive that can stand up to the extreme labelling challenges of irregular surfaces, including the corrugated board and packaging from recycled content used in e-commerce and logistics.

Materials that advance the circular economy

In our Sustainable World area, we presented solutions designed to reduce plastics waste and use more recycled materials. They include our rPET and rBG liners,  our rPE facestock made with 30% post-consumer plastic, and our CeanFlakeTM Adhesive Technology, which prevents contamination by label materials during the PET plastic recycling process, helping to increase rPET yields. CleanFlake™ Flex, the newest addition to the range introduced at the show, is designed for freshly blown and immediately labelled PET bottles.

For winemakers, we unveiled our new Sustainable Wine Label Range, an assortment of premium paper facestocks with between 40 and 100 percent recycled content, along with our Crush Range paper facestocks, which are made of 40 percent recycled post-consumer waste and 15 percent plant waste from grape, citrus or barley processing. We were especially pleased and proud to be named winner of this year’s Environmental and Sustainability Award  at the Label Industry Global Awards gala in recognition of our recycled PET (rPET) liner. Introduced in 2018, rPET uses 30% PET post-consumer waste and meets technical qualifications - all while maintaining quality and performance.

Intelligent labels for food, beauty, and nearly everything else

Through our immersive “Store of the Future” and other interactive displays, our Connected World area highlighted our RFID-enabled intelligent label solutions, which bring dramatically improved supply chain management and consumer connection. Our WaveSafeTM tags, launched earlier this year, were demonstrated alongside our RFID On-Metal tags, enabling everything in the store to be connected.  

ORUS, inkjets and M_use

Lastly, our World of Imagination demonstrated that when you combine creative materials science and the words “what if,” great things happen. Our Digital Inkjet Portfolio includes a range of manufacturer-certified materials purpose-designed for virtually every brand and model of inkjet printer. And our ORUS program (“one-roll unique service”) lets our European customers order a single, 1,000-meter first roll of any of our one-meter products, combined with any of our adhesive technologies. It’s the perfect way to explore new materials with less cost and hassle. And M_useTM, short for ‘materials in use’, introduced visitors to our new digital platform that delivers content to inspire innovative design for label and packaging designers and converters.

Making a Material Difference

We shared a lot of innovations. And every solution we presented was driven by the most important challenges in our industry, many of which we’ve learned about by talking with converters, package designers, and brand owners at Labelexpo past.

This is what we have always done at Avery Dennison, and one of the reasons I love working for this company - we apply both imagination and intelligence in the bold pursuit of solutions to big problems, the problems that matter most to our customers and end-users. Our best moments come when we unleash the passion and know-how of our innovators around the world so that they can solve one customer problem after another to transform the industry. The work we shared at Labelexpo was just a glimpse of where we’re going next in anticipation of our customers’ needs. 

Of course, the only way we can offer relevant, on-point solutions is by understanding our customers’ challenges. Is a persistent packaging problem limiting your business? Is there a material you wish we’d invent, or a problem you think could be solved by applying internet connectivity to your product or packaging through RFID tagging? Or is there something you saw and loved at Labelexpo 2019? We want to hear about it. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I look forward to seeing you in Chicago - with a whole new set of Avery Dennison innovations to share - next September.

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