Avery Dennison Corporate / Avery Dennison extends COVID-19 employee fund

Avery Dennison extends COVID-19 employee fund

Avery Dennison extends COVID-19 employee fund to support life-saving services in India, Sri Lanka, and Brazil

“As our employees in some parts of the world started returning to the workplace, we looked at how we could leverage the Avery Dennison Foundation and further use the Employee Assistance Fund to respond to COVID-19."

A fund established to support Avery Dennison employees affected by COVID-19 is now also being used to provide drastically-needed medical equipment and services in several countries where the pandemic is taking a heavy toll. 

In the spring of 2020, the Avery Dennison Foundation, with contributions from employee donations, established the Avery Dennison Employee Assistance Fund to provide financial support to help pay for housing, food, healthcare, and other basic needs for Avery Dennison employees around the world whose employment status was impacted either permanently or temporarily because of the pandemic. Families of employees who pass away due to COVID-19 are also eligible for support. 

Now the Foundation has expanded the Fund’s reach by granting more than $600,000 USD to NGOs in India, Sri Lanka, and Brazil to help address the critical healthcare needs in those hard-hit countries where our employees live and work.

“As our employees in some parts of the world started returning to the workplace, we looked at how we could leverage the Avery Dennison Foundation and further use the Employee Assistance Fund to respond to COVID-19,” explained Avery Dennison chairman, CEO and president Mitch Butier. “With the pandemic still impacting countries where the company has a presence and where the need for medical facilities and equipment is dire, it was an easy decision to use some of the funds to help those communities, especially as governments have called on the private sector for support.”

Avery Dennison extends COVID-19 employee fund
Avery Dennison extends COVID-19 employee fund

Maximizing impact through partnerships

The Avery Dennison Foundation’s operating model calls for it to partner with local NGOs to administer grants advancing education, sustainability, and women’s empowerment. The Foundation is taking the same approach with COVID-19 relief. 

“NGOs on the ground, which are often recommended by local Avery Dennison employees, are best equipped to deliver funds in the ways they will make the most difference,” said Avery Dennison Foundation president Alicia Procello. “We took care to select respected partners with proven track records in each of the countries where we’re supporting local responses to the pandemic.”

In northern India, The American India Foundation (AIF) will use an Avery Dennison Foundation grant of $230,000 to help meet the acute shortage of hospital beds in the Gurgaon area by working with a local company to build temporary hospitals in the parking lots of healthcare facilities. In the southeast, where the government has asked for help procuring medical supplies and equipment, AIF will apply a separate Foundation grant of $235,000 in the Bangalore area to support the sourcing and increasing awareness of vaccines, supplying diagnostic and emergency equipment to hospitals, and mitigating nutrition gaps caused by COVID-19 among women and children. 

“AIF is so grateful to Avery Dennison for being a partner in this work at this crucial moment in India,” said AIF’s CEO Nishant Pandey. “ The ability to address the shortage of hospital beds has been instrumental in providing relief. We have all seen the images and heard the stories of patients being turned away because there are simply no more beds. This partnership has begun to address this issue.”

In Sri Lanka, the Rotary Club of Kandy will use a Foundation grant of $50,000 to provide ICU beds at a rural hospital in the country’s Central Province, which serves a diverse population. Funds will support four to five ICU beds in part of the country where medical facilities are scarce, along with ventilators and other equipment.

And in Brazil, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) will use a $100,000 Foundation grant to support its coordinated response to COVID-19 across the country.

“More than a year into Brazil’s COVID-19 emergency, the devastating impact continues,” said Procello. “MSF is a leader in the pandemic response globally, and is a well-respected advocate and a service provider in Brazil.”

“On behalf of the communities and patients we serve in Brazil, I want to thank Avery Dennison for its support of Doctors Without Borders during this time of crisis. The company’s generosity will help to sustain our response to the pandemic throughout the country, where our aid workers are caring for the most vulnerable people, supporting overwhelmed health systems, and keeping essential health services available,” said Avril Benoît, Executive Director of Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières in the United States (MSF-USA).

Avery Dennison extends COVID-19 employee fund

Local Avery Dennison teams lead the way

In India and Sri Lanka, the grants from the Employee Assistance Fund are an extension of outreach that was already underway by Avery Dennison teams in those areas. In the Indian cities of Pune and Noida, as well as in Gurgaon, employees used funds from their community-giving budgets to help address shortages of ventilators, oxygen concentrators, hospital beds, and more, and to provide meals to residents in need. 

“The local teams worked extremely hard to initiate an impressive response, supporting over 15 NGOs,” said Procello. “When it became clear what the level of need was, they reached out to the Foundation for additional help.” 

Similarly, in Sri Lanka, local employees asked the Foundation for assistance in meeting the call for medical support. They also recommended the Rotary Club of Kandy as an organization positioned to make cost-effective use of Foundation funds. Going forward, members of the Sri Lankan team plan to donate a portion of their salaries to support the project. 

“As South Asia rallies to manage one of the biggest crises in our times, we at Avery Dennison continue to be committed to the welfare of our employees, their families and countries in the region by supporting COVID-19 relief,” said Manvi Sushil, Avery Dennison’s Director of Human Resources for South Asia, who has helped coordinate the company’s response.

Support for employees to continue

While the new grants are put to work, Avery Dennison employees affected by the pandemic can still apply to the Employee Assistance Fund for help. 

“We established the Fund knowing that the effects of COVID-19 would impact different parts of Avery Dennison’s workforce at different times, and that the effects of the pandemic would be long-lasting,” said Procello. “We are committed to using the money in the Fund in response to the pandemic, and we’ll continue to evolve our approach as needed. We’re glad to be able to support affected Avery Dennison employees while also playing a role in fortifying the medical response in countries that are in the grip of the pandemic. COVID-19 hasn’t gone away, and neither will our support.”

Learn more about Avery Dennison’s response to COVID-19 in our 2020 Integrated Report.

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