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Preparing for a TrafficJet™ Print System Installation

A Peek Behind the Curtain

Over the past several years I’ve shared our digital print successes around the world. While years of hard work by a very dedicated team of professionals was created to launch the TrafficJet Print System, an equally impressive team of digital print specialists are at work to provide delivery and operational support to ensure continued customer satisfaction. 

While attending industry and customer events, I’m often asked about the logistics behind installing and supporting the global network of printers. While our support by our team for screen printing and computer cut sign converting methods is common, the level of expertise required of supporting digital printers across more than 51 countries brought a number of new learning opportunities. Our execution of these solutions is one of the important values associated with today’s TrafficJet package, and available to every customer.

I checked in with the team that initiates and processes orders for our customer base in North America for a firsthand look. It’s important to note differing regulations overseas require a few variations in our order fulfillment process, but most steps explained below remain the same. 

First, given the steady flow of orders, the team keeps an adequate supply of new printers in stock in our Niles, Illinois finishing and distribution center to ensure prompt delivery.

To further speed the installation process and reduce chaos at our customer’s facilities, the team pre-assembles the printer prior to shipment. During the time that  assembly is taking place, another specialist walks our customer through the pre-site checklist to confirm adequate access is available for delivery and final installation of the printer. Included are checks on shop environment conditions including temperature and humidity, power supply, and computer operating requirements. In addition, our technician asks a number of questions to become knowledgeable about the scope of the customer’s existing shop operation in order to custom tailor training upon delivery. At the conclusion of the call, a date is scheduled for delivery and operator training.

After assembly, the printer is carefully loaded and safely secured into one of our fleet of custom-built, “hardened” shipping crates owned by Avery Dennison. These crates do a superior job protecting the printer during shipping, and are shipped back to our fulfillment center after delivery. Reuse of these special crates is another illustration of the Avery Dennison pledge to maximise sustainable practices.

An Avery Dennison certified digital print expert will arrive at the customer’s facility on the agreed upon date to conduct final assembly, setup, and calibration of the printer. This process includes the preparation of multiple print samples which are returned to our quality control department for verification of industry color and reflectivity specificationsThis is a critical step for designating the customer as a Certified Digital Traffic Converter (CDTC), providing assurance that printed signs comply with performance specifications, and will perform in the field for up to 15 years as stated in our warranty.

For many traffic sign manufacturers, digital printing often represents brand-new technology - thus a requirement for training that is custom tailored to their individual needs. Our technician spends time with shop personnel, teaching how to use existing design files, create new files, then prepare for printing. Finally, proper maintenance, using our Clear ✓ Maintenance tools is covered, and all questions answered before concluding onsite training. Knowing that it’s impossible to absorb all of the initial training, our technicians are available anytime by phone to answer questions to keep the customer satisfied, or arrange an additional visit in the future.

Key to customer satisfaction is our ownership of the entire digital print process - and a clear differentiator from our competitors:

  • The printer is built to our specifications, assembled and installed by Avery Dennison
  • Operator training, including use and maintenance, is provided by Avery Dennison
  • Avery Dennison manufactures the TrafficJet digital inks, the reflective sheeting, and protective overlays used in the system to ensure 100% compatibility
  • Extended warranties options are also offered and managed by Avery Dennison

Ownership of the entire chain means that our customers need only make a single phone call for assistance, eliminating the frustration of finger pointing and unnecessary delays that might arise with other systems  involving the consensus or coordination of multiple suppliers.

Let us show you how the TrafficJet Print System can improve your sign production operation. Visit us on the web at reflectives.averydennison.com/trafficjet, or request your own personal demonstration here.

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