Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials / ThermaVIP+™ for temperature-controlled pharma packaging

Avery Dennison ThermaVIP+™ high-performance insulation for temperature-controlled pharma packaging

ThermaVIP+ Overview

Avery Dennison’s recently developed ThermaVIP+™ vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) provide a novel, highly economical solution for temperature-controlled pharma packaging in cold chain logistics. 

The high performance of ThermaVIP+ delivers insulation up to seven times more effective than standard polystyrene or polyurethane materials. This saves space, increases payload and reduces shipping volume cost as well as maintaining controlled temperatures for longer.

ThermaVIP+ Features 

ThermaVIP+ insulation panels from Avery Dennison provide cost-effective insulation for temperature-controlled pharma packaging to upgrade existing cold-chain packaging or provide customized solutions. ThermaVIP+ panels deliver a robust, best-in-class yet competitively priced alternative to any other insulation materials.

ThermaVIP+ panels were developed from Avery Dennison’s two decades of expertise in the field of insulation, developing outstanding industrial and labeling solutions for the appliance, construction and thermal packaging segments.

Proprietary materials and construction allow ThermaVIP+ reinforced vacuum insulation panels to deliver extremely high thermal performance at a competitive price. In contrast to standard VIPs, ThermaVIP+ panels are encapsulated, making them robust and reusable. 

The special outer encapsulation layer makes the panels rigid and robust, unlike standard VIPs. The tight-fit assembly of the panels enables easy pack-out for simple and time-saving box construction, and close-packed consolidated storage between uses.

This is a highly cost-effective temperature-controlled packaging solution. Its slim and compact design cuts shipping costs by up to 50% through increased payload and/or smaller external shipping volume, while delivering exceptional thermal performance up to seven times more effective than existing traditional insulation solutions

ThermaVIP+ Benefits 

For pharma companies, compact ThermaVIP+ provides a significant cost saving through increased specific payload and reduced shipping volume. This cost-efficiency can be relied on for extended cold chain supply transit times of more than 120 hours.

For solution providers, logistics and packaging companies, ThermaVIP+ provides marked cost reductions and operational efficiency resulting from a space-saving, reusable and robust design. ThermaVIP+ panel solutions are easy to assemble, compact and stackable, ideal for closed- and open-loop shipping systems.

ThermaVIP+ delivers a set of specific user benefits:

  • Space-saving high performance: Reduction of up to x7 in external volume compared to conventional insulation. ThermaVIP+ thus can triple the internal volume of the container, for the same shipping cost, or conversely, cut shipping costs by up to 50%.
  • Robust and reliable: Enhanced mechanical strength and resilience provides enhanced impact protection and prevents vacuum loss caused by damage
  • Customizable: Diverse panel sizes and thicknesses lend themselves to tailored solutions
  • Cost-effective: Premium performance, competitively priced that can achieve huge cost savings in reduced shipping volume and increased payload.
  • Multi-use packaging: Sturdy, reusable, re-shippable TCP for closed-loop and open-loop shipping systems
  • Easy assembly: Simple, time-saving modular panel box construction
Regulatory & standards compliance

Temperature-controlled packaging with ThermaVIP+ is compliant to ISTA 7D, and validated for internal temperatures of 15-25 °C, 2-8 °C and -25--15 °C for various transit time periods, up to 120+ hours.

ThermaVIP+ reinforced panels comply with ASTM D3103 to ensure optimal performance throughout the rigors of transit, storage, and reassembly.

To learn more about this innovation, visit the ThermaVIP+ website or email us here.
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