Avery Dennison Corporate / We Are Celebrating National Intern Day 2021!

We Are Celebrating National Intern Day 2021!

We Are Celebrating National Intern Day 2021!

Help us recognize and celebrate our hardworking interns in North America.

Summertime means firing up the grill, jumping in the pool -- and welcoming Avery Dennison’s summer interns! This year’s class is 51 strong and one of our most diverse ever.

On Thursday, July 29 Avery Dennison celebrates National Intern Day in recognition of our hardworking interns.  The Avery Dennison Internship Program is a vital pipeline of talent for the early careers development program. We have a talented group of interns this year who continue to add value and a fresh perspective to our organization. 

To learn about the Avery Dennison Internship Program, reach out to Kristin Kerestman.

Phoebe Bailey

This summer, Purdue student Phoebe Bailey is working as an operations intern in our Graphics Solutions Fairport Harbor, Ohio, plant, and she admitted that she was initially surprised by the sense of responsibility and trust she has experienced. 

“I’m speaking with everyone from operators on the floor to higher-level executives. When I first started, I would go into meetings thinking that I would be silent and observe, but I was actually being asked for my input and my opinions were valued. I was not expecting that but, it’s been great,” she said.

Sam Fredericy is working in RBIS’s RFID lab department in Miamisburg, OH and he’s enjoyed his extensive work duties.

“What I love about my internship is that I’m getting a much more impactful experience than I would in many other jobs. I’m working directly with customer reports, testing out systems to see if we can fulfill their requirements and really doing everything that I would do as a professional engineer,” said Sam.

Sam Fredericy
Priya Sharma

Priya Sharma is a finance intern in our Dallas, Texas RBIS office, and she said that the support she’s received from the team has been the best part of her experience.

“I have two mentors I was assigned to, and they’re both amazing people. I love that not only are they giving me great advice on how to succeed within Avery Dennison but they’re also asking me how I’m doing or if I have any concerns. I’m always nervous to ask questions but this summer I’ve felt very comfortable reaching out and learning from my mentors.”

Operations Intern Naseeha Mohammed says the company's commitment to D&I has made a real, positive impact on her time here.

“In my college classes, I always felt that I had to prove that I could do the work as well as the men. When I came here I never felt the need to prove myself. Everyone assumed that I was capable and gave me responsibility. I’ve been able to focus entirely on my work and not feel like I have to prove my abilities as a woman.”

Naseeha Mohammed
Sydney Dowden

Sydney Dowden is spending her second summer as an intern with Avery Dennison, and she says that even in her short time with the company, she’s noticed a considerable change.  

“Last year, we had 15 or so interns and it wasn’t as diverse of a group as it could be. This year, the larger cohort of interns looks totally different. The recruiting team wanted to further diversify our intern class. I really enjoyed that the company said they were going to continue to diversify and followed through on their commitment.”

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