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The World of Wall Wraps

Exploring Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions wall film options

Wall graphics are becoming increasingly popular in retail, restaurants, schools and universities, hotels and even in the home. When you think of design, the possibilities are endless. Hotels can charge more than double for a room that has digitally printed wall murals installed for a themed effect, such as Fiji or the rainforest, than a traditional white-walled room.  

There are a few questions to ask your customer that will help you decide which material would work best for your wall graphic.

  • Does the paint on the wall have low to no VOC content?

  • What type of paint and finish is on the wall, and how long has it been since it was last painted?

  • Does the graphic need to be removed, or how long will it need to last?

  • Does the wall have textured or smooth surface?

  • Will the graphic be going up indoors or outdoors?

Avery Dennison has recently launched several wall film options. Let's take a look at these options and decide which one is best for your wall application. Each of these are printable on Eco Solvent, Solvent, UV and Latex printers.

  • MPI 2611 is the staple of wall film options. It’s a matte, 6 mil calendered film with removable adhesive that can be contour cut or used as a wall mural. The contour cut options can even be printed edge-to-edge. It is recommended for use on smooth interior walls without low to no VOC wall paints. MPI 2611 can be removed in a year with no damage or adhesive residue.

  • MPI 2631 Removable Wall Film is available in three finishes: Crushed Stone, Stucco and Canvas. These films are calendered, removable and textured. They’re designed for interior wall murals that have a smooth texture.

  • MPI 2630 Permanent Wall Film is available in three finishes: Crushed Stone, Stucco and Canvas. This series is also calendered, textured and designed for wall murals, with a permanent adhesive.

  • MPI 1405 EZRS is designed for textured wall surfaces indoors or outdoors. We recommend that you use the film with DOL 6460 laminate. MPI 1405 EZRS is a glossy polyurethane film with EZ and RS adhesive technology for easy, bubble-free application. During install, heat the film up and use a roller to press it into the wall’s texture and shallow joints. MPI 1405, with DOL 6460, can be used on concrete, brick and stucco for a permanent application until time to remove, which can be done with heat. Check out Justin Pate's video of MPI 1405 installation and tips.

Here are some additional tips for success when working with Avery Dennison wall films:

  • For wall murals, we recommend a 1 inch overlap on each panel.

  • When working with textured films, use banner hem tape on the edges during installation to ensure adhesion.

  • Allow solvent inks to outgas for at least 24 hours to prevent edge curl.

  • Interior graphics do not have to be laminated.

  • Test all surfaces for proper paint surface finish, paint out-gassing and surface-to-substrate adhesion. See more details on Instruction Bulletin 6.5.

  • Please see Avery Dennison's website for Instruction Bulletin 6.5, Product Data Bulletins, video tips and more.



Avery Dennison wall films will make most architectural, vertical spaces a blank canvas for the vision of you and your customers. For further questions on wall films and applications, please reach out to your Avery Dennison representative for assistance.


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