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Istanbul Shines Bright with Avery Dennison OmniCube®

Avery Dennison OmniCube® makes its debut appearance at Turkey’s new Istanbul Airport

Everything is bigger - and now brighter - in Turkey’s new Istanbul Airport, thanks to Avery Dennison OmniCube® reflective sheeting. Awarded the prestigious Airport of the Year by International Airport Review, the new airport is aiming to become the largest airport in the world. Occupying 30 square miles, the airport currently handles 90 million passengers a year in phase one. Its goal is to serve 200 million passengers annually, nearly double the volume of today’s largest airport, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson which currently serves 107 million passengers each year.

Beyond including the world’s largest single airport roof building passenger, Istanbul’s new airport features a number of striking architectural features, robust infrastructure, and state-of-the-art technology to move people, aircraft, and cargo in order to create a superior passenger experience. It was only fitting then that the exterior highway signage design and materials were equally impressive.

Airport designers selected custom Pantone® colors for the terminal approach signs to compliment the design of the terminals. Color was just one design parameter. High reflectivity, long-term durability, and cleanability were requirements of the project specifications. The combination of Avery Dennison’s T-11000 Series OmniCube reflective sheeting, OL-1000 Anti-Graffiti Overlay, and CMSpot6™ inks, perfectly satisfied each criteria, and were thus selected by the Airport Authority for the project. “This was the only system capable of hitting the custom color requirements with a required 10-year warranty”, said Birant Canselen of Mat Digital, Izmir, Turkey. “We were able to provide signs that can be wiped clean should vandalism ever be an issue”.

The project used nearly 14,000 sq ft. of sheeting, printed on a TrafficJet™ Plus printer by Mat Digital in their İzmir office. Printed and laminated sign faces were then shipped to their sign fabricator customer, OZGURLER TRAFİK for final fabrication and delivery to the airport. 

“The airport looks amazing, and with the “best of the best” in traffic signs, it completes the high end look of the airport”, bragged Birant.

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